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Speysider is an editor for the Narutopedia. Click the tab buttons ^^^ to see other information. If you are wondering what I do here, I generally patrol the images, cleaning up any mistaken rationale's and tagging images with a variety of templates if they meet the conditions (examples include {{BlackBar}} for images with uncropped bars and {{Unused}} if the image isn't used on the wiki). If your unfortunate to have your image tagged with {{No license}} or {{No rationale}}, then you'll get a notification reminding you to check our Image policy

Off the Narutopedia, I make Let's Play's for my YouTube channel. I'm also a chat moderator on the Elder Scrolls Wiki. The link to my channel is above.

If an image is uploaded and matches the requirements for 720p or 1080p, then the image will be tagged with the appropriate information template but it is well advised not to replace these images with ones of lower quality (eg, if you upload a 1080p, only an image higher than 1080p should be reuploaded over it and a 720p image reuploading over 1080p would likely be reverted)

I'm always willing to talk to people and help out with any issues you have. If you have a question or simply wish to chat with me, you may leave me a message on my talk page

When I'm suggesting new images for the original Naruto episodes (pre-timeskip), I use the official Naruto Unleashed DVD's to get the screenshots. For me to get the screenshots, I simply disable the subtitles and play in fullscreen in Windows Media Player, then screenshot the image and crop out the black bars :)

Here are some links that might be of use to you.

Sorry, I do not handle requests any longer. If you need higher quality images, drop a message to [[User:Shakhmoot|]] or [[User:Norleon|]]

Unless you have a clear reason to change the infobox image for any article, please don't make a suggestion to do so. The only reason to replace the image is if:

  • The image is of low quality.
  • The image looks at a nano-second scene.
  • The expression is the same as the current and is simply upgraded in quality.

If you do suggest a change in image, try to save in PNG because JPG images lose quality everytime they are edited. I highly recommend screen capturing your image from a resolution of 1920x1080 using a 1080p stream for the best results on Narutopedia (I know this is not possible for all episodes pre-Shippuden Episode 53: in those cases, just try to get the highest quality stream possible [MUST BE IN 4:3 ASPECT!]

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