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<span style="color: red;font-weight: bold;">Announcement: </span><span style="font-weight: bold;">No announcement...</span>
<!-- This userpage has been blanked deliberately. Please do not delete it unless you want thousands and thousands of red links to appear all over the wiki. -->
About Me=Speysider is a former editor for the Narutopedia. Click the tab buttons ^^^ to see other information. If you are looking for the Fair Use Rationale needed for images, then click on the Fair Use Rationale tab above :)
<br /><br />
If I upload an image stating that the image can only be replaced with another 1080p image, then please do not ignore this and upload an image than isn't 1080p. I do this for a reason so I don't have all my good work and money wasted for people to destroy my images.
<br /><br />
I'm always willing to talk to people and help out with any issues you have. If you have a question or simply wish to chat with me, you may leave me a message on my [[User talk:Speysider|talk page]]
<br /><br />
You can find a few Naruto Let's Play's on my channel, which you can go to by clicking the My Website link in the box above.
<br /><br />
When I'm suggesting new images for the original Naruto episodes (pre-timeskip), I use the official Naruto Unleashed DVD's to get the screenshots. For me to get the screenshots, I simply disable the subtitles and play in fullscreen in Windows Media Player, then screenshot the image and crop out the black bars :)
<br /><br />
Here are some links that might be of use to you.
* The list of images I have uploaded to this wikia can be found here: [[User:Speysider/Images]]
* If you want to know how to make a userpage look like mine, please click here: [[User:Speysider/Tabber Code]]
* To see my current signature on the wiki, please click here: [[User:Speysider/Signature]]
* To see a list of all the Userboxes I have created: please click here: [[User:Speysider/Custom UB]]
<s>I handle the following requests:
* Updating images to 1080p (Shippuden only)
* Updating images in High Quality (Original Naruto only)
* Custom Userboxes ([[User talk:Speysider/Userbox Requests|Click here to request one]])
I will rarely update character infobox images, unless there's a real need to do so. Image requests should go here: [[User talk:Speysider/Image Requests]]</s>
EDIT: Sorry, I do not handle requests any longer
New episode images=
<s>Please leave the addition of the new episode images for the infobox to me as I'll be able to get the best quality possible for them. I don't mind you uploading an image yourself, but it'll probably be replaced by a 1080p HD version.</s>
EDIT: Sorry, I do not handle the episode tile images any longer.
Infobox images=
Unless you have a clear reason to change the infobox image for any article, please don't make a suggestion to do so. The only reason to replace the image is if:
* The image is of low quality.
* The image looks at a nano-second scene.
* The expression is the same as the current and is simply upgraded in quality.
If you do suggest a change in image, try to save in PNG because JPG images lose quality everytime they are edited. I highly recommend screen capturing your image from a resolution of 1920x1080 using a 1080p stream for the best results on Narutopedia.
Rationale Info=
If you are uploading an image that has a height greater than or equal to 720 but less than 1080 and a width greater than or equal to 1280, please tag with {{tlx|720p upload}}. If your image has a height and width greater than or equal to 1920x1080 (excluding black bar cropping), please tag with {{tlx|1080p upload}}
'''Below is a description of what should be added to each section of the Fair Use Rationale. Below that is the code you can copy to use yourself.'''
{{Fair use rationale
| Description = What does the image depict ?
| Source = The episode from which the image was captured from
| Portion = ''Single screenshot from the anime'' OR ''Single screenshot from a tankobon or RAW manga''
| Purpose = ''Showing the character'' OR ''Depicting a technique''
| Resolution = ''Low Quality'', ''Medium Quality'', ''High Quality'', ''360p Standard Definition'', ''480p Standard Definition'', ''720p High Definition'' OR ''1080p High Definition''
| Replaceability = ''Only by an image with the same license format''
| Other Information = ''[[Naruto]]'' by Masashi Kishimoto
-->Copy the code in the box below to use in the Summary section when uploading:
{{Fair use rationale
| Description =
| Source =
| Portion =
| Purpose =
| Resolution =
| Replaceability =
| Other Information = ''[[Naruto]]'' by Masashi Kishimoto
'''Example Fair use rationale for Allied Shinobi Forces:'''
{{Fair use rationale
| Description = Gaara addressing the [[Allied Shinobi Forces]]
| Source = Naruto Shippuden Episode 261
| Portion = Single screenshot from the anime
| Purpose = Showing the Character
| Resolution = 1080p High Definition
| Replaceability = Only by an image with the same license
| Other Information = ''[[Naruto]]'' by Masashi Kishimoto
<div style="float: right;">
{{User:Speysider/Custom UB/Fan of|Gaara part 1.jpg|Gaara}}
{{User Editcount}}<br />
{{User:Speysider/Custom UB/Image Uploader|img1|1080p}}

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