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This page explains how to generate a userpage with tabs similar to the one used here: User:Speysider


The tabber code is generated by using the following HTML:


You can use as many tabs as you want, but too many will cause the layout to become broken as this site is extremely narrow. This problem may not be present on other wikia's.

One Tab

This is the general usage for a one tab box using tabber.

<tabber>Name of the tab=Content to appear</tabber>

For example, if you wanted a tab called About Me, you would do this:

<tabber>About Me=Hello, my name is X and I do Y on this wiki</tabber>

This would generate something like this:

Hello, my name is X and I do Y on this wiki

More tabs

It's important to note that a special breaker code is required in order to separate the tabs. That breaker code is this:


Every usage of this code will generate a new tab, similar to the | pipe character in a template. This would be the general usage of a multi-tab box.

Name of Tab #1=Content for Tab #1
Name of Tab #2=Content for Tab #2

You would just keep repeating the breaker code for every tab you create. For example, you could create something like this:

Tab #1=This is the content for Tab #1.
Tab #2=This is the content for Tab #2.

The output for that tabber code is this:

This is the content for Tab #1.

This is the content for Tab #2.


I hope this helps anyone wishing to generate a userpage like mine :D

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