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Hashirama Senju

"The fellow countrymen of the Konoha make up each part of my body… those of the village believe in me, and I believe in them… That's what it means to be Hokage!" ("木ノ葉の同胞は、私の体の各部分を構成する...村のものは私を信じて、私は彼らを信じて...それがのそれが火影であることを意味するもの!", "Konoha no dōhō wa, watashi no karada no kaku bubun o kōsei suru... Mura no mono wa watashi o shinjite, watashi wa karera o shinjite... Sore ga no sore ga Hokage dearu koto o imi suru mono!")
Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage
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Hi, guys. I'm a newbie on this wiki, blah blah blah and stuff. I get stuff wrong and the admins correct it, blah blah. Upload a low-quality image and RandomGuy replaces it with a higher one or ends up deleted. Blah blah and stuff.

That is all.

Favorite Characters

List of my Top 5 Favourite Characters:

Profile Jiraiya


1. Jiraiya — Jiraiya is without a doubt my favorite character. He was the first character of the series to be shown using senjutsu, not to mention that he is highly praised in Konoha. One of the most powerful and funniest characters of the series. I'm greatly disappointed that Kishimoto killed him.

Hashirama Senju


2. Hashirama — Hashirama. The God of Shinobi. The First Hokage of Konohagakure. This guy is so badass, with Mokuton and shit. He didn't get much screentime in the anime, though. It's kind of surprising to see that he's actually a care-free individual, while he was alive. Thank godness, we got to see him in the manga. :D


3. Itachi — Itachi made his debut as a villain, I didn't like him pretty much back then. But after finding out that the latter was actually trying to protect the village, I respected Itachi and acknowledged him as hero. He's actually better than the main character, Naruto. xD

Hiruzen Sarutobi


4. Hiruzen — Hiruzen was a great Hokage and one of Naruto's main inspirations. I'm surprised that he's underrated, out of all the other Hokage. He was a beloved Hokage who loved the village and its people and treats them like his own family. Not to mention that he's earned the alias "God of Shinobi".


5. Konohamaru — In Part I, he sucks. But in Shippūden, he's kinda awesome. A 12-year-old using Rasengan, Ash Pile Burning, Shadow Clone Technique, Shuriken Shadow Clone. :U Although, he looks more like a copy of Naruto. Oh yeah, he can also transformed into hot ladies. xD

By the way, I have so many more favorite characters, but I'm too lazy to list them.

New Chapter and Episode

  • Chapter #639: Attack — (7/10) Couldn't understand the chapter very well. The drawings are so confusing and it was too short. But nonetheless, I'm still amazed by Obito's four-element-combined thingy. Can't wait for it to be named!!

Naruto: Shippūden July Schedule

  • Run, Omoi! (走れオモイ, Hashire, Omoi)
  • Reinforcements Arrive (増援到着, Zōen Tōchaku)
  • Madara Uchiha (うちはマダラ, Uchiha Madara)

Yay, the fillers are finally over. And we finally get to see Madara-sama!! :D

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