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The Shinobi World War Secret Files (pp. 112–115)

Hidden files of fierce battles, now revealed——
The Shinobi World War Secret Files

—The Shinobi World Wars—

[picture of Itachi amongst the destruction caused by SWWIII]




[picture of Yahiko saying he'll change his country and save everyone]

(The Second Shinobi World War)

[picture of the young Sannin]
[picture of Hanzō]


[picture of a desperate Tsunade]
[picture of a dying Dan]

(The Third Shinobi World War)


[picture of waiting Iwanin]

//Many shinobi organisations were also created…!!


The shinobi who did the best during the wars would be remembered as 'heroes'.

● Hero biography 1
[Konoha's Yellow Flash]
…Minato Namikaze

[picture of Minato saving Kakashi while tagging Mahiru]
↑→His high-speed battle techniques, based on 'space–time ninjutsu', could not be seen through, even by skilled shinobi.
[picture of Minato about to kill Mahiru]

● Hero biography 2
[Konoha's White Fang]
…Sakumo Hatake

→He was such a powerful man that it was said that even the 'Legendary Sannin' paled before him. He is Kakashi's father.
[picture of Sakumo]

● Hero biography 3
[Hanzō of the Salamander]

→The head of the old Amegakure. Clear-headed and with many techniques under his control, his name was known throughout the shinobi world!!
[picture of Hanzō]

The world before the shinobi world wars

Before the establishment of the hidden villages, there was an era of unending conflict, called the 'Warring States Period'[1]. During this time, shinobi organisations were little more than armed groups based on clans. The countries, intent on expanding their interests and territory, employed them individually, causing war everyone to go on and on…!!

[picture of a blood-spattered map]
↑More than eighty years ago, the world was in chaos.

The mystery-ridden First Shinobi World War

The 'First Shinobi World War' was the first great war after the Five Great Shinobi Countries were established. Because the outbreak of the war had thrown the entire shinobi world back into chaos, there are only few records concerning the war. One thing is certain: after the war, many tactics were born from the experiences of the war. These form the foundation of current battles…!!

→The shinobi killed in the line of duty during the war had their names inscribed on the memorial stone as heroes.

[picture of Kakashi at the memorial]


  1. Warring States Period (戦国時代, Sengoku Jidai) — This was named after an actual period in Japanese history that lasted from the mid-fifteenth century ce to the early seventeenth century ce. This period, in turn, was named after a period in Chinese history that lasted from the early fifth century bce to the late third century bce.

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