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On this page you can check about the news of Naruto: Shippūden anime form authorized websites like TV-Tokyo and Wikipedia, besides all news about the movies.

Naruto Shippūden Episode Guide

# Episode Name Original Airdate
333 "The Risks of the Reanimation Jutsu"
"Edo Tensei no Risuku" (穢土転生のリスク)
October 3, 2013
334 "Sibling Tag-Team"
"Kyōdai Taggu" (兄弟共闘)
October 10, 2013
335 "Everyone's Leaf"
"Tagai no Konoha" (互いの木ノ葉)
October 24, 2013
336 "Kabuto Yakushi"
"Yakushi Kabuto" (薬師カブト)
October 31, 2013


  • A new special OVA of the Naruto: Shippūden will be released in this fall. It will be an exclusive original part of the upcoming Jump Super Anime Tour 2013 event. The magazine teases the special will feature the "unbelievable appearance of a certain popular character" as announced by Shueisha. (Saiyanisland)
  • This OVA will reveal a hidden story about Sasuke and Itachi. (Source)

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