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On this page you can check about the news of Naruto: Shippūden anime form authorized websites like TV-Tokyo and Wikipedia, besides all news about the movies.

Naruto Shippūden Episode Guide

# Episode Name Original Airdate
426 The Infinite Tsukuyomi
"Mugen Tsukuyomi" (無限月読)
August 27, 2015
427-428 Naruto Shippūden Special: Road To Tenten ~Into the Dream World~
"Naruto Shippūden Supesharu: Rōdo Tu Tenten ~Yume no Sekai e~" (NARUTO疾風伝スペシャル ROAD TO TENTEN〜夢の世界へ〜)
September 3, 2015
429 Killer Bee's Rap Chronicles: Scroll of Heaven
"Kirābī Rappūden: Ten no Maki" (キラービー落風伝・天の巻)
September 10, 2015


  • Hayato Date, the director of Naruto anime claims in a new interview that he doesn't want to end the anime after the events of the manga catch up. He says:
Nope, it's not ending yet! Once we usher in the new year we will be introducing some new story developments into the series. The Naruto anime series will keep on going!


Q: When will there be a new Opening/Ending?

A: The openings and endings go by the following schedule:

  • First week of January: New Ending
  • First week of April: New Opening and Ending
  • First week of July: New Ending
  • First week of October: New Opening and Ending

Q: When are new episode titles released?

A: There are two specific time frames:

  • One new title is released between the 7th-10th every month. Animation info for upcoming episodes is also released with this title.
  • Three new titles are released around the 22nd-23rd every month.

The Anime-only Arcs

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