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On this page you can check about the news of Naruto: Shippūden anime form authorized websites like TV-Tokyo and Wikipedia, besides all news about the movies.

Naruto Shippūden Episode Guide

# Episode Name Original Airdate
372 Something to Fill the Hole
"Umeru Mono" (埋めるもの)
August 14, 2014
373 Squad Seven, Assemble!!
"Dainanahan, Shūketsu!!" (第七班、集結!!)
August 21, 2014
374 The New Three
"Aratanaru Sansukumi" (新たなる三竦み)
August 28, 2014
375 Kakashi vs. Obito
"Kakashi VS Obito" (カカシVSオビト)
September 4, 2014
376-377 Naruto Shippūden Mecha-Naruto's special episode September 11, 2014


  • This section will become empty till new information is revealed about the Naruto anime

Naruto Shippūden 7: The Movie

  • Counting down to its website's first release here. I'll keep this section blanked till something confirmed about this movie.


Q: When will there be a new Opening/Ending?

A: The openings and endings go by the following schedule:

  • First week of January: New Ending
  • First week of April: New Opening and Ending
  • First week of July: New Ending
  • First week of October: New Opening and Ending

Q: When are new episode titles released?

A: There are two specific time frames:

  • One new title is released between the 7th-10th every month. Animation info for upcoming episodes is also released with this title.
  • Three new titles are released around the 22nd-23rd every month.

The Anime-only Arcs

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