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December 17, 2010
  • I am Busy in real life.

I'm a guy from Germany who doesn't like red links. That's why I created this page.

No, just kidding. I am very well versed when it comes to working in fanwikis (more than 4 years experience) and the Naruto Manga, but since I'm from Germany I don't think I can fill this Wiki with much information.

I will leave that to the English speaking editors and just add some Kanji or give notice to mistakes on discussions.

As a writer for the German Narutopedia (not to be confused with the German Naruto-Wikia), I'm always in search of things I can add to our Wiki, such as Japanese terms or other interesting information.

Despite not being on an equal level with ShounenSuki-senpai, who helped me a lot with Japanese stuff, I'm quite good with the Japanese language. I'm able to translate most of the Kanji, as they appear in names and such, and some sentences. But of course, my translation is as invalid as any other. If you want me to translate something for you, feel free to ask me.

Well, I think that's all.

Ciao :)

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