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Hey, I'm a Guy from the USA. Im in the middle of my teen years, and am a big fan of naruto manga and anime. I play Drums and piano, learning how to play guitar and how to mix. I play soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, gold, and table tennis. My Favorite type of music are usually Rock and Techno. If anyone needs me, just contact me on my talk-page.

My Contributions...

I like to add the pictures, sometimes, text on the story, and i sometimes work on the descriptions of techniques that i put pictures on. No one make the mistake i first made when i first joined. Make sure you read all the image policies before adding a picture...had some experiences with that, haha. Make sure for every Contribution you make it follows the rules of this wikia.

I work on many Wiki's such as, Narutopedia, Stargate Wiki [1], Bakugan Wiki [2], Runescape Wiki [3], and sometimes on Dragon Fable Wiki [4] and MechQuest Wiki [5]

Interesting fact...

Me and Sauske have the same birthday, July 23, and are the same age, I am currently fifteen. Cool thing is that Sauske is my favorite Naruto character as well. -Just turned fifteen today, Sauske Should be seventeen today...

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