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  • I live in Land of tea
  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is Helping
  • I am male
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Hey my name is '''ROOT 根'''.
Hey my name is '''ROOT 根'''.
| name = Root 根
| english = Root Root
| kanji = 根 根
| romaji = Root Ne
| other = The foundation
| image name = ANBU_Commander.png
| image size = 300 px
| image caption = Anbu Commander
| image =
| float = Right
| ref =
== Images I've uploaded ==
== Images I've uploaded ==

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Hey my name is ROOT 根.

Images I've uploaded

Niju Shotai 4 man squad
Riichi's 6 man squad


I'm African. I live in Britain I first came across the Naruto series when a friend introduced me to the games I thought the games were great and so then I started to watch the series I found many of the characters interesting and the storylines were really good Naruto soon became my favourite anime after the Dragonabll z series I soon started watching Bleach which I found cool then I started watching FairyTail which I found fun then I started watching OnePiece which I found exciting.


I am a quiet and a reserved person but can be quite funny when you get to know me. I am also described as moody as I sometimes sulk over stupid things

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