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I've been a fan of the Naruto Series since it aired on American TV in September of 05. Although, I do prefer the Naruto manga and the original Japanese voices in the episodes. I am almost 100% Otaku, and qualify as the example for the definition on Urban Dictionary (go ahead and look it up). There are lot's of things I dislike and I don't really like anything. And.. I can't really call it a dream.. But I have an ambition. The resurrection of of my clan and to kill a certain man.....


I love Shounen Jump and absolutely obsess over Metal Gear Solid, hence the username. I enjoy playing the piano, and learning new about new jutsu. SNAKE - TIGER - MONKEY - BOAR - HORSE - TIGER - Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu . I don't particularly like the music from the past decade and focus on Heavy Metal classics like Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden or TNT by AC/DC. I also enjoy the music from the 60's oddly enough. Although not as impressive as a black belt, am a Hachi Kyu or orange belt in Shudokan Karatedo and studied under Morris-Sensei for 4 or 5 years. I hope that you guys enjoy my edits to the articals. Please, you are welcome to ask me questions on my talk page. You can also find me at the Metal Gear Wiki.

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