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Being a Fanfiction. Net author, I tend to gather information before posting a story. Since my favorite Naruto pairing is Orochimaru x Anko, this page that I've created is for me to sort out every single detail I have ever gather about Orochimaru x Anko fanfics. I've been on Fanfiction. Net since I was nine and I've been writing fanfics since I was thirteen. I'm also the leader of a OroAnko fanclub, Odaxelagnia: The Anko x Orochimaru Fanclub. So I won't have to kill the rest of my brain cells from thinking too hard, I will post everything here about my research for OroAnko.

Theories About Orochimaru/Anko

Theories about Anko Mitarashi

  1. Anko is afraid of thunderstorms. This is one of the most predictable and often used idea in almost every fanfic that has Anko in it. My hypothesis for that reason is because in the first episode of the Naruto filler arc, Kaima Capture Mission, in episode the Remembrance: The Lost Page, Anko woke in the middle of the night in cold sweat during a thunderstorm. Therefore, most people will think that Anko have a case of astraphobia, even as a child. Because of that one theory, other authors thought up that a young child Anko would always sneak up to her sensei's room during the night and sleep with him.
  2. The Curse Mark on Anko's neck reacts to her nightmares of Orochimaru. This theory was once again produced through fans during the first episode of the Land of the Sea Arc since her Curse Mark throbbed once she awoken from her nightmare of Orochimaru. Personally, I do not know how a Curse Mark can react to that way, since I thought the Curse Mark could only react to Orochimaru's presence.
  3. Anko's parents are dead and Orochimaru was her only guardian during the time they spent together. Like anyone else in the Naruto series, the character's parents that are not shown or heard during any of the episodes are usually concluded deceased. Anko's parents were never shown in the series and therefore were concluded to be dead by the fans. However, a picture of Anko's parents' silhouettes can be seen ever so briefly during the first episode of the Land of the Sea Arc, next to a photo of Orochimaru and Anko. It's really hard to see, but if you look closely during a flash of lightning, you can see it.
  4. Due to her past relationship with Orochimaru, Anko is either feared/hated or respected among the Leaf Village. Usually, the fear part is usually just something fanfic authors used to develop Anko's character in their stories. As seen in the manga because she was chosen to lead the search team for Kabuto Yakushi, just how much the Leaf Village values and respects her skills.
  5. There may be a part of Anko that still holds the piece of her love for her former sensei. Even if it's just fanfiction, most fans of the Naruto series speculated that Anko might have had a crush on Orochimaru as a child, or they have some sort of father/daughter relationship. Though not shown in the manga, the anime clearly hints that Anko held great admiration for Orochimaru and saw him as role model. Despite his betrayal to her, Anko might retain feelings for him, besides hate. Both the manga and anime gave off a hint that Anko might betray the Leaf Village in order to be with Orochimaru again in the episode A Feeling of Yearning, a Flower Full of Hope. During the scene at the Hokage's Room when Lord Third Hokage held a meeting concerning Hayate Gekkō's death and Orochimaru's actions, after Raidō Namiashi stated, "Impossible! No village in the alliance would betray another, and join forces with that fiend!", Lord Hokage immediately locked eyes with a nervous Anko, who shut her eyes and looked down. In the episode Live or Die: Risk it All to Win it All!, Anko went to see the Third Hokage and remained slient for most of their converstation about Orochimaru. She had a guilt-stricken expression in her eyes and didn't answer Third Hokage when he asked Anko whether or not she still had a connection to her former master.

Theories about Orochimaru

  1. Lord Orochimaru took Anko as his Genin student when she was young and as the first subject of Heavens' Curse Mark, due to her unknown abilities that caught his interest. Out of ten subjects he taken, Anko was the only one survived its effects. However, he chose to abandoned Anko because he stated that she lacked "the hunger for power, the drive, the hatred, everything and anything" to fuel the Curse Mark. But even so, he offered her a chance for her to come with him since she didn't die from the Curse Mark, to which she refused. He seemed rather indifferent with her decision, claiming that he'll find a "more excellent child". Though, what was more confusing was that instead of killing Anko, he erased her memories of the events in order to cover his events. Perhaps, this implied that he does care of her in a certain degree, or he thinks that there might be some value of letting Anko live.
  2. Voice/mannerism differs from the subbed and dubbed for the characters, letting on more hints than the Japanese subbed does. As of Orochimaru, he speaks in a far more suggestive/seductive, honey-like, polite tone compared to his Japanese voice. Though, his polite manner is often a ruse to hide his malevolent nature. The obvious different from his quotes in Japanese to English that when speaks to most females, he calls them "my dear", such as to Sakura Haruno (in episodes Two Heartbeats: Kabuto's Trap and The Top 5 Ninja Battles!, where he just called Sakura "dear".) and Anko. Most fans got the impression that it was Orochimaru's way of "flirting" with them, most notably Anko, who he treated with more affection than anyone else in a gentle-like manner as a child. This was turned into a more mock affection as seen during their confrontation in the Forest of Death when Orochimaru stroked her cheek as he questioned her if she was still angry that he used her and then tossed her aside. In Chapter 50 of the Naruto series manga, I've Got To...!!, when Anko inquired why he was in the Leaf Village, he repiled, "For old time's sake, of course, my dearest Anko! But from your cold reaction, one might almost suspect you're not glad to see me!" and continued to mock her after Anko forced out a bitter smirk when claiming how much he wants Sasuke Uchiha as his next host, to which Orochimaru taunted, "Oh, my dear! Jealous? After all this time, are you still angry that I used you and abandoned you?". On one occasion during a flashback in episode 170, The Closed Door, Orochimaru called Anko "little one". Since the nape of the neck is considered the primary erotic area in Japanese sexuality, which is where Orochimaru had bitten Anko to brand her the Curse Mark, this could be considered a somewhat sign of sexual lust or affection from Orochimaru to Anko.
  3. Branding her with the Curse Mark, some fans speculated that Orochimaru might've considered choosing Anko as his vessel for his Immortality Jutsu. Some fans even theorized that seemed Orochimaru was disappointed when Anko refused to come with him, which was supported by the fact when he spoke coldly to her about Sasuke. Though, I think it's highly untrue by the way he taunted her about him "abandoning" her and compared Anko to Sasuke, claiming, "In some ways, the boy has more potential than you had. You see, he inherited the sublime abilities of the Uchiha clan. And his physcial condition is excellent. Yes, he may very well be the heir I’m looking for."

Information Taken From Fanbook/Anime Profiles

  1. In the Naruto Official Fanbook, on pages on 159-160, there's a section called "Ino Yamanaka's Flower Fortune Telling" which tells your fortune with six different flowers; Morning Glory, Dandelion, Freesia, Daphne, Sweet Pea, and Chrysanthemum. Page 159 lists the flowers, and page 160 showed the results. The first flower, Morning Glory, is Anko's flower:
  • Personality: Very serious, with a strong sense responsibility, and never slacks off. Could crumble under pressure. Occasionally needs to explode.
  • Love: Serious about love and would never cheat.
  • Work: If she takes a job, she finishes it. Quite capable.

In the Language of Flowers, a Morning Glory means "fleeting love, unbreakable promise, lingering attachment", as well as "Affection". The Morning Glory represents "love in vain" for whatever outside circumstances according to the Victorian "Language of Flowers", which attributed various properties and sentiments to flowers so that people could communicate their feelings by what flowers were given as gifts, such as those by a suitor to their loved one. In Chinese folklore, flowers signify love, affection or mortality, and they represent a single day for lovers to meet. In the Japanese Language of Flowers, known as Hanakotoba, Morning Glory means "willful promises". The Romaji for Morning Glory is Asagao and the Japanese Name is 朝顔. In Asagao, asa means "morning" and kao means "face". The Morning Glory also symbolizes "mortality" and allows people to see just how short, yet beautiful, life can be.

Because this tubular star-shaped Morning Glory flower primarily symbolizes affection, the flowers only blossom in the morning, hence the name, and die by afternoon or nightfall, making it representative of the sometimes fleeting nature of affection. But the vine produces new flowers every day during its growth season, representing the renewable nature of love. Given Morning Glory flower's short lifespan, it also signifies unrequited love. I believe that the Morning Glory which corresponds to Anko, symbolizes her relationship with Orochimaru.

View on Anko Mitarashi

  • Ninja Profile—Taken from page 144 of the Naruto Anime Profiles Episodes 1-37—

~Anko Mitarashi~ Against her enemies, she's like a blazing inferno!

Rank: Special Jōnin
Ninja Registration Number: 011226
Height: 167 cm (5' 6")
Weight: 45.8 kg (101 lbs)
Birthday: October 24 (24 years old, Scorpio)
Blood Type: A
Personality: Playful, coarse, daring

Beneath her fiery emotions lies a secret: Orochimaru's curse!
The proctor of the second test in the Chūnin Exams, Anko has a straightforward personality similar to Naruto's. She takes action with brisk, furious intensity. Anko is such a strong shinobi that she became one of Orochimaru's targets, and for a while, she was his follower. She learned many horrifyingly destructive jutsu from him.

Personal View: Anko Mitarashi is a very vibrant, strong, spirited, knowledgeable, independent, courageous kunoichi. Cheerful and full of energy, she harbors passionate loyalty to the Village Hidden in the Leaves in her light brown, pupil-less eyes—simple but strange, brooding, severe, almost masculine in their directness, which was perfectly leveled and head-on, reflecting her refreshing, blatant tomboyish trait. Sharp as a whip, fiery-tempered, far from shy and not afaid to speak her mind, she is a gorgeous, vivacious young woman. It was the special combination of nerve, bloodthirst, defiance that made her a rare beauty and deadly at the same time, as well thrilled others (especially me) to her extraordinary charm.

Every characteristic about her, even her faults, was knit up with a passionate energy that transcended her. Her playful and daring nature makes her flamboyant, her bloodthirst and strength gives off a formidable flair to her personality, her stubborness makes her hard to back down from a fight. Although cursed with the wicked Curse Mark of Orochimaru, Anko is pure-hearted and righteous. And though she is somtimes rough and harsh, Anko possesses a gentle heart for the ones she loves that overflows with sincerity and honesty.

With her brusque mannerism and speech, it seems that she is treated as one of the guys and wouldn't have it any other way, leaving a cool impression to those arounds her (epsecially me). She shows her unqiue style in her attire, which is more feminine than the other Chūnin proctors.

Anko is a young, fit, full-figured woman with light brown, pupil-less eyes, short violet hair that is tied in a spiky ponytail, sporting a khaki coat, shin guards, and a small pendant that looks like a snake fang on a thick cord rather than a chain to prevent it from being easily torn off in combat. Under her coat, she wears a custom-made bodysuit, that stretches from her neck down to her thighs, crafted of metal mesh to fit the lines of her long, sweet and delicate body. She sports a dark orange mimi-skirt that goes down to her knees with one strap and one blue strap that goes with a strap that has an appendage-like sash across her stomach. She wears regular Leaf headband on her forehead—proof of her allegiance and status as a shinobi of the Leaf Village, and the Heavens' Curse Mark, which takes the appearance of three tomoe, is at the back of her neck on the left side, marring her creamy and flawless skin. I always thought Anko would have the most beautiful blue veins all over her slender body and marble pale skin.

A tomboy at heart and mind, but like all girls, Anko loves sweets. In fact, page 212 of the Naruto Anime Profiles Episodes 38-81 and page 258 refers to Anko as the "village queen of sweets" and has the "sweetest sweet tooth in the village".

Astrology Sign & Birthday

  1. Anko Mitarashi's Birthday: October 24 (Scorpio)
  2. Orochimaru's Birthday: October 27 (Scorpio)


Symbol Sign Names English Name Element/Sign Quality Polarity/Sign Planet Period of Birth
Scorpio The Scorpion Water Fixed Negative Sign Pluto October 23 - November 21
  • - Means the Scorpion; Represents the stinger of a scorpion.
  • Water Sign - Wet, soft, cold; Day Ruler - Venus; Night Ruler - Mars; Participating Ruler/Fall - Moon; Season - Winter.
    • The fixed water sign, Scorpio, demonstrates the power of water and the control necessary to harness this power effectively. Therefore, the Scorpio is known to be the most powerful and controlling of the water signs-as gives its stamp to the sensuous aspects of fall and its ruler Pluto symbolizes increasing darkness and the death of most growth in nature. Scorpio is purposeful and knows how to get its way. Although it is a social sign, it has a highly personal aspect as well. Scorpio's ruling planet Pluto grants deep sexual expression and volcanic energies. The fixed nature of Scorpio is illustrated by the possessive nature of the sign and its stubborn refusal to give up what it has acquired. The secretive Scorpio will attack mercilessly if it is disturbed, but may also do so without provocation.
    • The water-sign people apprehend the world primarily through the feeling mode. Emotional considerations often take overriding priority in their daily lives. Many water-sign people are highly emphatic or sympathetic, and so they are hurt when others do not reciprocate. Their sensitivity to criticism and rejection is very high. Consequently, they can usually tell when someone approves or disapproves of them before a word is said. They have a natural feeling for what people need. They can be very good persuaders, and can play on the emotions of others to get their way. Because their feelings run deep, they are often serious and profound individuals. Humor as a special meaning to water-sign people not only because it can lighten their mood but also because of its ability to dissolve barriers between people. In fact, bringing people together in intimate settings is a special joy for water signs, who usually have only a few close friends. They can highly sensual, however, their brand of sensuality is more of a easy, flowing (albeit clinging) type and is at its best when it does not get too demanding or heavy. Generally, water-sign people become very deeply-involved in their love relationships, so much so that they often have difficulty detaching themselves.
    • In Memoirs of a Geisha, quoted by Chiyo/Sayuri, "Water can carve its way even through stone...and when trapped, water makes a new path.". As Mameha also explained in the film, "Water is powerful. It can wash away earth, put out fire, and even destroy iron." and that "Water is always in such a hurry."
  • Fixed Sign - Fixed Signs are associated with stabilization, determination, depth, and persistence. They are powerful and willful in all they do, often achieving much more than the other two qualities. On the other hand, they can also be inflexible, rigid, stubborn, opinionated and single-minded. These traits are often paired with the need to be "correct": they will ruthlessly fight on behalf of their beliefs, regardless of any contrary beliefs deemed sufficiently credible. Only during moments of importance or necessity would they consider changing an opinion, usually with only half-success. (In loose social terms, these signs tend to "not like admitting that they're wrong.")
    • Fixed-sign people are not easily dislodged. They have a sense of their own space and know what is theirs. In the same way, they are more likely to have a good idea who they are and what they want. As they are self-assured, fixed-sign people resist those who seek to dominate them and thus can be rebellious when cast in a subordinate role. Basically, they ask to be left alone. On the other hand, they are perfectly capable of exerting influence, even dominance, over others. They are at their worst when beset by emotional instability.
House Sign Latin Motto Translation Modern Title of House Interpretation
8th Scorpio Mors Death House of Reincarnation Cycles of deaths and rebirth. Sexual relationships and deeply committed relationships of all kinds. Joint funds, finances. Other person's resource. Occult, psychic and taboo matters. Regeneration. Self-transformation.
  • The Eight House falls under the group of Succedent House. Succdent houses are points of purpose and represent stabilization. However, it is known for it to be the one unfortunate in the group. Despite that, not all connections with death are negative; it is also as the house of inheritances resulting from death. Also, it is said that the house "shows those who profit from deadly motives". Furthermore, some make a connection of the Eighth House with sex.


~October Twenty-Fourth~

  • The Day of Sensational Detail: Those born on October 24 have two major themes in their lives: that of dramatic revelations and discoveries, on the one hand, and painstaking attention to detail on the other. As they are hard cold, analytical types, those born on this day generally feel the need to reveal themselves and their discoveries to the world, often in a exciting, even flamboyant manner. Yet most are not exhibitionists by any means, rather craftspeople and professionals who take their work very seriously, particularly from a technical point of view. The influence they work on those who watch or listen to them is calculated to impact as they wish. Not the least of their talents is a personal magnetism which aids in getting people interested in them and what they do.

October 24 people can be highly controlling personalities who dominate their family life or social circle. Though strongly assertive types who usually have something to say, they can sometimes say still more through silence. Indeed they often feel that the quality of what they do speaks for itself, with no need for added promotion to give it credence. Perfectionists, October 24 people are aware of the most minute factors in their work and creations. If parents, they will be concerned with every aspect of their children's lives, and as friends and lovers they are extremely attentive. Actually the dual drama and detail are closely related in their lives, for their ability to express themselves so convincingly is usually based on many years of painstaking study and experience. Rarely will a October 24 people comment or act on matters which they know little or nothing about. They therefore despise phoniness, and are capable of recognizing pretense and dubious information a mile away.

Unfortunately, October 24 people can be very difficult to live and work with. Those close to them must be understanding of their absorption in their career, and not mistake it as personal rejection. However, if a October 24 person is absolutely mad about someone, they are capable of fixating of that person to the exclusion of all else, which, of course, creates just the opposite problem. Those born on this day must try to avoid dominating their environment to the extent that they arouse resentment and anger others and foment discontent or outright rebellion. Lessening jealous and possessive impulses may also be necessary if they wish to progress further in a personal development. They should also recognize that a highly critical attention to detail in the human realm can put those around them under too much pressure and scrutiny, and that having fun is a great anidote for stress.

  • Numbers & Planets: Those born on the 24th day of the month are ruled by the number 6 (2+4=6), and by the planet Venus. Because those ruled by the number 6 are magnetic in attracting love and admiration, and since Venus is strongly connected with social interaction, it will be temptation for October 24 people to give themselves over to exciting romance and sexual experiences. This pointedly emphasized by the fact that the signs bordering their cusp, Libra and Scorpio, are ruled by the planets Venus and Pluto, respectively. Often love becomes the dominant theme in the life of a person ruled by the number 6.
  • Tarot: Emphasizing this last point is the fact the 6th card of the Major Arcana is The Lovers, symbolizing the love that unites all the humanity through integration of masculine and feminine polarities. On the good side, this card indicates affections and desires on a high moral, aesthetic and physical plane; on the bad side, it suggests a propensity for unfulfilled desires, sentimentality and indecisiveness.
  • Health: Those born on October 24 can engender all sorts of stress-related difficulties both in themselves and those close to them. Finding a way to schedule regular vacations, take time off their career and generally make a diversion between work and home life is essential good for their mental health. Physically, they must beware of sexual excesses of all types; emotionally, of possessiveness and jealousy. Addictive tendencies may surface, particularly in areas of work, sex and love. Those born on this day should make their sleeping areas comfortable and inviting, and protect themselves from nocturnal disturbances. Foodwise, October 24 people face little in the way of restrictions, but must not neglect daily bouts of quite strenuous physical exercise to keep their back and internal organs, as well as their figure, in shape.
  • Advice: Learn to leave things alone sometimes. You don't have to understand everything or worse yet attempt to control it all. Jealousy is not easily curtailed if it becomes a way of life. Sometimes you decrease your power by revealing everything you do.
  • Strengths & Weaknesses: Magnetic, perfectionist, dramatic; Jealous, claiming, overstressed.
  • Mediation: Life itself may only be a series of illusions—why not pick those which brings us the most enjoyment?

~October Twenty-Seventh~

  • The Day of Impulse: The forceful individuals born on October 27 have dynamic and impulsive characters. Their fiery feelings can be expressed within a wide emotional range, from the sunny good will of a fun-loving spirit to the brooding intensity of a dark passion. Not surprisingly, those born on this day are capable of great mood swings. It is extremely important that they learn to direct their emotional nature, for if allowed to turn negative it can cause great destruction, most often to their own life or work.

The October 27 individual in whom the dark side predominates, the introvert, is often prone to escapism, depression and self-destructive impulses—the latter of the two factors particularly dangerous because they can materialize so quickly and thus are difficult for loved ones to prevent. The sunnier type of person born on this day, the extrovert, directs energy outward—developing and encouraging friends and associates, as well as constructively improving their environment. Both types, however, have great creative energy, albeit sporadic, which enlivens their work.

Because many October 27 people wish to give the impression rock-solid dependability, they tend to ignore their own sensitivity. Their impressive exterior may well hide a surprisingly fragile psyche. The danger here is that they will push themselves beyond their limits and chance suffering a breakdown. October 27 people display a great need of approval and affectionate support from friends and family. It could be said that the devotion of others is paramount importance to them. However, those born on this day can be skillful manipulators of the feelings close to them as well, and capable of both projecting powerful emotional impulses outward and of withholding approval.

Those born on October 27 are the kinds of people who can cause emotional shock waves and changes of vibrational states just by their presence—by their glance, sometimes even their thoughts. They must be particularly careful of possessiveness and jealousy, on the one hand, and a neglectful distancing to the other. It is crucial that they recognize how influential and powerful they can be, since many operate almost entirely on a unconscious level, unaware of how they are impacting on others. This is particularly true regarding those to whom they have responsibilities or interdependencies: children, mates, parents, close friends, colleagues or employees.

  • Numbers & Planets: Those born on the 27th day of the month are ruled by the number 9 (2+7=9), and by the planet Mars. The number 9 is powerful in its influence on the other numbers, and as mentioned above, October 27 people are similarly influential. The planet Mars is forceful and aggressive; its energy is doubly increase on October 27 because of Mars's co-rulership of Scorpio with Pluto. Thus October 27 people carry heightened martian characteristics—aggressive, dynamic and impulsive behavior—as well as the irresistible and unavoidably dark qualities of Pluto, particularly in the areas of money, sex and power.
  • Tarot: The 9th card of the Tarot's Major Arcana is The Hermit, who is usually depicted walking with a lantern and a stick; he represents mediation, isolation and quietude. The card also signifies crystallized wisdom and practiced discipline. The Hermit is a taskmaster who motivates by conscience and guides others on their path. The positive side of this card is stick-to-it-iveness, purpose, profundity and concentration; negative qualities include dogmatism, intolerance, mistrust, and discouragement.
  • Health: Those born on October 27 expend great impulsive energy which can leave them exhausted. They may need long periods of time to recover from intense or dynamic experience, including negative ones like illness. For those born on this day particularly, physical signs and symptoms should not be ignored but heeded, diagnosed and treated promptly. If October 27 people have suffered excessive rejection, painful loss of a loved one (particularly at an early age) or stormy love affairs, they may be prone to depressions. October 27 people should keep busy during fallow periods—vigorous physical exercise favoring the accomplishment of objective goals is recommended, but competitive sports should generally be avoided.
  • Advice: Treat people with kindness and consideration, as ends in themselves. Listen carefully to what they tell you. Find a way to direct your energies constructively when you are not working.
  • Strengths & Weaknesses: Alive, energetic, powerful; Depressive, jealous, self-destructive.
  • Mediation: The human spirit knows no bounds.

Episodes Featuring Anko Mitarashi

~Naruto Episodes: Part I~

~Naruto Episodes: Part II (Shippūden)~

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Common Ideas For Fanfiction

  1. Anko finds any means necessary to carry out her revenge against Orochimaru, whether it is requesting a mission to locate his whereabouts or becoming a rouge ninja in order to do it, but ends falling into his hands again. In the end, she choose to either stay with him or leave him.
  2. Stories explaining Orochimaru and Anko's past leading up to his betrayal.
  3. Reversions about Anko's past with Orochimaru, how she recieved the Curse Mark from Orochimaru, and how he "abandoned" her and their encounter in the Forest of Death.
  4. One-shots telling short stories of Anko's times with Orochimaru as his student, usually ones that including a clandestine love between the two.
  5. Anko having nightmares about Orochimaru, occasionally written in one-shots.
  6. Orochimaru kidnapping Anko for a certain purpose.
  7. Orochimaru suddenly reappearing in Anko's life in order to "toy" with her.
  8. Stories put in order of with their events, leading up to an entirely different plot.
  9. Drabbles of of their relationship if things would ended up different with their paths.
  10. One-shots explaining Anko's emotions and feelings towards Orochimaru.

Naruto Stories

  1. Taboo Love
  2. Goodbye
  3. According To Plan
  4. Morning Glory

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