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I'm Namikaze Suigetsu (波風水月, Namikaze Suigetsu). I edit stuff here, because I like to be able to go crazy with details and not have my shit reverted like what happens on Wikipedia. Plus, I sometimes find out stuff I wasn't aware of here, although that doesn't happen as much. I'm a big fan of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and Kirigakure no sato; my Naruto world counterpart is a member of both. My favorite character in Naruto is Hidan, and my favorite jutsu... Tie between Suiton: Goshokuzame and Ninpō: Sōshōryū. Both techniques are used by my Naruto world counterpart as well.

I gotta fill up some more space, so let's talk about the articles I work on. Akatsuki-related articles, certain jutsu, and Nature Transformation are my current primary articles of focus. Right now, I'm also doing a fair bit of work on my user page, getting to look like what it does back on Wikipedia. You can reach me there under the name Suigetsu, by the way.

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