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Morgoth's Ring

Hi ! I am from Belgium and I am currently studying to achieve a master's degree in engineering. I have edited mostly on the Lord of the Rings wikia (873 edits) but I am discontent with which direction that wiki is going. I have been a fan of Naruto about two years now and have read the Manga, watched the Anime and the Movies (Shippūden 6 not yet).

I hope that I can be of some help to this wikia !

If you have any questions or remarks don't hesitate to tell me !

Likes & Dislikes


The original Naruto series was pretty good in the anime, but what bothers me (although I know that it is necessary to give the manga producers some extra time) are some of the so-called filler arcs. The ones that were used in the original series were pretty good, giving lots of background information on Orochimaru and the different countries with their different understandings. The first one in the Shippūden series was also pretty good, explaining more about Asuma and the feelings of the people in the case of having 'two kings'. The second and third one were also not bad, with the awesome Crystal Release and Soap Bubble Ninjutsu, but in my opinion it lasted too long. The other ones, especially the Chikara Arc were not that good, giving problems with canon (as an example the 'not really but still Nine-Tails Chakra Mode').


I like the manga a lot, although lately the producers have just been inventing stuff to make it last (as an example Naruto Uzumaki giving some of his Nine-Tails chakra to others).


Not really much to say, they were all pretty good, adding cool new jutsu, cool demon-like creatures and new forms of chakra. I haven't seen Naruto 6: Road to Ninja yet although I am looking forward to it !



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