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Hi, name's Mewshuji. I'm a fan of Naruto... but that's obvious. I also like Bobobo, Tenchi Muyo, pre-Orange Islands Arc Pokemon, and BLEACH, anime-wise. Some manga I read are Naruto, Digimon Tamers (yes, there IS a manga), Pokemon Adventures, and Haruhi Suzimiya (did I spell that right? LOL). I also like playing video games, my favorites being Pokemon Diamond, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3, FFTA, and SSBB. I am a major Disney and Nintendo fanboy as well.

I spend a lot of my time RPing. I primarily RP on the Naruto RP site known as "Naruto RP"... REAL creative name, I know... <_< But, that's what it is named...

My favorite characters in Naruto are Shikamaru, Deidara, Hanabi, Hinata, Temari, Tayuya, and my favorite of all is Anko.

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