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  • I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • My occupation is Student, writer
  • I am Male
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Okay, so. I am an intelligent user. I speak Spanish, French, Latin, and English (Spanish being my first language). I am able to theorize based on facts imposed by reliable sources. I am very sentimental, and I might not be very active thanks to school and my hobby (soon to be job) which is writing novels. One of the worst insults in my opinion is telling me that I am not intelligent, or telling me to pay more attention. I love reading and am able to read very fast (especially on pages from a book, less so on a screen). I am OCD about grammar, yes, grammar. I hate grammatical mistakes, and I usually cannot read very well texts that possess a lot of misspelling or grammatical errors. I am very friendly, despite what I have told you before. I love to talk and imagine stories. I am very creative too. If you ask me to create a story, as long as there are little or few limits as to what I can do, I can make up a story very fast. Also, if you need any help, I have been in wikia for quite a while now (2 years), so you can ask me for help if none of the admins are available. My favorite character is Hinata, and my second favorite is Nagato.


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