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Hello, I'm Legendary Super Saiya-Jin 4. You can just call me LSSJ4 or Wikian if you like. I'm a huge fan of the Dragon Ball Franchise, but I also love Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden as well. I also like Fairy Tail and dozens of other anime and manga series.


These are a list of my favorite clans, characters, fights, justu, and kekkei genkai through out the Naruto series. They're not in a particular order, I'm just listing them off the top of my head.




  • Hashirama Senju vs. Madara Uchiha and Kurama
  • Naruto Uzumaki and Killer B vs. Chomei, Saiken, Kokou, Isobu, and Matatabi.
  • Naruto Uzumaki and Kiler B vs. the Ten-Tails
  • Naruto Uzumaki, Killer B, and Itachi Uchiha vs. Nagato
  • Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Tobirama Senju, and Minato Namikaze vs. Obito Uchiha


Kekkei Genkai

Plausible Explanations Section

Hagoromo and the Ten-Tails


Senju/Uzumaki Abilities

"Chakra is created when two other forms of energy, known collectively as one's "stamina", are moulded together. Physical energy (身体エネルギー, shintai enerugī) is collected from each and every one of the body's cells and can be increased through training, stimulants, and exercise. Spiritual energy (精神エネルギー, seishin enerugī, English TV: Mental Energy) is derived from the mind's consciousness and can be increased through studying, meditation, and experience. These two energies becoming more powerful will in turn make the created chakra more powerful. Therefore, practising a technique repeatedly will build up experience, increasing one's spiritual energy, and thus allowing more chakra to be created. As a result, the ninja is able to do that same technique with more power. This same cycle applies for physical energy, except the ninja needs to increase their endurance instead. At any given time, a ninja will have a "maximum" amount of chakra that they can form and use before it runs out and they need to rest to replenish it. With practice this maximum can be increased, but to a certain extent they are limited to the quantity and strength of chakra that their genetics grants them;[3]" - Straight from the Chakra page

"Yin-Yang Release Techniques (p. 226) Edit

The "origin's" properties are filled with great mysteries. The Yin-Yang Release techniques are analyzed here.

Six Paths The secret technique forming all creation out of nothingness and giving it life.

↓ Spiritual and physical energy. That is Yin-Yang Release.

"Yin Release", which creates form out of nothingness and "Yang Release", which breathes life into form. The one with the skill to manipulate those two attributes, the Sage of Six Paths Hagoromo Otsutsuki, developed the "Creation of All Things Technique". He also created the nine bodies of the Tailed Beasts out of the Ten-Tails chakra, making them gifts of Yin-Yang Release. After this, the Uchiha Clan inherited Yin Release and the Senju Clan inherited Yang Release." - Straight from the Fourth Databook translations that Seel provided us with.

We know for a fact that Uzumaki are just red-haired Senju, and thus inherited Asura's powerful life force and physical energy. Kushina was stated to have a strong and special form of chakra, even among her clan (implying the others had strong and special chakra too), that made her well-suited to be Kurama's Jinchuriki, Naruto may not have inherited her chains, but he did inherit that chakra and life force that made him well-suited to be Kurama's Jinchuriki, Kurama said this himself. He was also capable of surviving having his beasts extracted and not dying immediately. I can find the manga chapters were this was stated if you want me too, although the translation is a bit different depending on the site, so it may take time. Karin's heal bite technique allows her to heal others by having them eat her chakra, which stems from her powerful life force (I can find the chap for this to), which has always been associated with physical energy. Life force is exactly what it is, life force, which keeps you alive. The definition of what life force is is very basic and simple, and is almost the same everywhere, and last time I checked if all of your chakra is gone, you die, just the same with life force. So clearly they're directly connected to one another, therefore, if the Senju/Uzumaki have powerful life forces and physical energy, which makes up chakra, they therefore have large and powerful chakra. That's just a simple logical deduction since we've learned that they're clearly connected, and I'll exclude Hashirama and Naruto since they're incarnates.

But Nagato has proven he has gargantuan chakra reserves, Kushina had enough chakra left to restrain Kurama while she was on the verge of death after having her beasts extracted and giving birth, Tsunade survived being chopped in half and had enough chakra left to summon Katsuyu and save the lives of all the Kage, Tobirama was able to fight the Uchiha Clan for a whole 24 hours straight, just by raising a finger he scared everyone due to the strength of his chakra, and was capable of teleporting two TBM users at once, when the larger the object the more chakra it consumes. Now although he was edo tensei, all that does is make you not get tired, but it doesn't give you more chakra than you had when alive, it just regenerates. Therefore, if he could do that while undead, he could do it alive, he would probably just be tired afterwards. But anyway, that proves how much chakra Tobirama has and how strong it is. Also, when the pages say "vitality, endurance, stamina, large chakra reserves, ect" those are all just synonyms for the same thing and all basically have the same meaning, so it isn't bullshit. Even when the databooks use to use stats, they always gave large stamina numbers for those who had a lot of chakra, and low numbers for those who didn't have a lot, since stamina is chakra before it's moulded into chakra. So if you have a lot of stamina, able to last long, very endurant, ect, all the same shit, when you mould that shit into chakra your created chakra would then be very large and strong. That's what it says on the page, so therefore if the Uzumaki have a lot of stamina/vitality/endurance/life force/same shit, they would have a lot of chakra.

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