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== Introduction: ==


I'm a Big Naruto Fan i really like naruto , naruto shippuden and i know every information about the characters , jutsus , episodes , and even events so...

IF SOMEONE IS CONFUSED IN AN CERTAIN INFO U CAN ASK ME ANYTIME FEEL FREE TO ASK...^^ Everyone in this Site can Ask me or any other Member if you are confuse..

== My Ambitions for this Site: ==

I want to help make this site the best of all the Naruto sites and make it more useful to all who will search for info's , jutsu's, characters, etc.

== My Likeness To Naruto: ==

I have 99/100 likeness over Naruto Shippuden Movies , Episodes and a Big Fan and an Addict to Naruto.

== UserName: ==

Why I Chose "LegendarySannin_88" cause i like the Sannin's they have great power and renowned throughout the world and they amaze me by their Jutsu's and Techniques too bad only Tsunade is the living Sannin :(

== My Edits: ==

I'm sorry if sometimes my grammar or edits are some how confusing or wrong , cause i get headache when i typed info's i'm so sorry but i know every Naruto-Naruto Shippuden informations i'm just sometimes clueless

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