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December 27, 2011
  • I live in Your Imagination.
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is an Editor
  • I am Male


Where to Start ಠ_ಠ?????

Good question ^_^

Well, I have been a huge fan of the wikia, often getting all of my info off the wikia websites. I mean, all of it! I feel like I can certainly be a great addition to the wikia crew, just updating pages and perfecting everything I see with errors. Naruto, Bleach, Soul Eater, etc. All the Anime I love! Anime has been of some influence to me, so why not spread my knowledge and help keep everyone on track? Maybe they'll get my same inspiration, right?

Well, IMO I believe that since I love anime, why not show my love via the Wikia(s)?

Sorry, Red-Linkers, I'll miss your company!!!!!!

Hey Koto....


  • Who's your favorite character(s)?
Well, my favorite character is definitely Hiruzen Sarutobi!
Gosh, where to begin? Hiruzen, despite claiming himself to be a failure, was a man who people could confide in, love, adore, and call their true source of inspiration. Kishi sure did make a perfect character! (IMO atleast 6_6)


  • What do you usually do around the wikia?
Well, I do a lot!
I particularly like to do larger edits. I like to add things that are completely relevant, rather than just tiny clean-up edits. But, even-so, I have been noted to do that too. I can create pages, and such, but I like to serve as the editor to expand on the ideas and facts already listed. Overall, my skillset is valuable in the wiki. But, as a side note, I do like to partake in talk pages. I am a good debater in my own right, and will always try to get my point across, regardless if I don't have as much knowledge as the next guy. Don't get me wrong, though. I'm not a rude or savage individual. I treat those I address with respect, regardless of their rep. on these streets.

Friendly Comparisons

Im not particularly sure if I'm allowed this right, but I would love to make some comparisons with User's and my Opinion on who they would be in the Actual Series. That is based on how they act is talk pages. Sorry for any gender screw-ups in advance.

  • Koto - Yamato
  • Elveonora - Karin
  • Seelentau - Neji
  • Dan.F - Rock Lee
  • Cerez - Minato
  • Ten-Tailed Fox - Itachi
  • Omnibender - Hashirama
  • Chatte - Hinata
  • Darksusanoo - Sai

.... More to Come

Pages I've Created or Completely Renovated (no particular order)

Take a gander at my Contributions, if you don't believe me.

Article Name Article Type
Will Materialisation Jutsu
Nagare Character
Yakumo Character
Kurama Clan Clan
Kurama Clan's Kekkei Genkai Kekkei Genkai
Ball of Light Technique Jutsu
Malice Character
Orochimaru (Experimentation and such) Character
Meteorite Tools
Attack Prevention Technique Jutsu
Fujin and Raijin Character
Five Elements Seal and Five Elements Unseal Jutsu
Yota Character
Weather Manipulation Jutsu
White Strength Seal Jutsu
I combined the 3 Chakra Receiver pages Tools
I combined Susanoo Sword and Susanoo Bow, to make Susanoo Weapon Jutsu
And Many More Coming!
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