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Hello everyone! I am avid Naruto fan and have been one ever since I was a child. It is currently my favorite form of entertainment and I foresee it being for along time. This is my favorite wiki and I am more than happy to help edit this page with the hope of it one day becoming the best wiki in the whole community.

Naruto's Weekly Synopsis

  • Chapter 698 (11+/10): Absolutely amazing! Everything about this chapter worked. First of all, Naruto and Sasuke's clash provided me with some amazing nostalgia, and it was definitely my favorite moment of their fight. Then, we finally get Sasuke's change- for the first time since Part I, Sasuke has truly reverted back to his previous self. The best part about it is that Naruto didn't really TnJ Sasuke, but he more came to that conclusion on his own due to Naruto's actions and their history together. And then that ending... damn! I didn't see that coming! This upcoming Thursday, it's all over. The end of an era is upon us.... :(
  • Episode 384 (9/10): That opening (I'm starting to calm down now, but still...)! Pretty good episode! Probably the best episode we've had in a while. Naruto, Sasuke, and the Konoha 11's combination attack was definitely the highlight of the episode, and I think the anime handled it very well. Next, we get the infamous TnJ moment. Hopefully the anime can deal with those chapters in only one episode...

Weekly Shōnen Jump Release Dates

Issue #/Chapter # Official Release Unofficial Online Release
50- #699 & #700 (Finale) November 10, 2014 November 6, 2014

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