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February 26, 2009

Hi everyone!!! I guess it's time I write something here for people can know me ^^

Well... first of all, i can tell you i'm a teenager; a young adult, jeje. I'm mexican so in consequence, my maternal language is spanish; but i'm more used to speak french :D also i know english (may be it's not perfect but is quite understandable jeje), also i know some of portuguese! hehe.

I'm really interested in almost every artistic aspect such as music, acting, painting, phylosophy and also(i know this isn't art) biology!!! But I really, really, hate the math ¬¬. I like various sports like volleyball, basquetball, baseball... most of them except for football!! I hate it >.< I consider myself really open-minded and i'm always trying to hear and help everyone, even though sometimes i'm really short-tempered, jeje ^^'. I'm was introduced in the anime world when i was about 10 years old!!!! (Pokemon, Dragonball and Digimon didn't count for me xD, but i saw them). At the beginning, i love Ranma 1/2, Sakura Card Captor and stuff like that, but now my favorite animes are Get Backers, Gantz, and of cours Naruto Shippuden!!!!!!! I follow the anime and manga in this three programs!!!

From now, Naruto Shippuden is my favorite program and as my nickname suggets, my favorite character is Kiba along with the new Jinchuriki presented in the anime Utakata :D!!! It was love at first sight xD jajaja, just kidding! But he's my favorite character!!! Also i really like Tenten, Hidan and from this new arc, Kurotsuchi and the fifth Mizukage Mei Terumi!!!

I make quite some contributions to the community when i have some free time, so down below i'll put every contribution i made on this Wikia so far :D


Like i said, i make some contributions on this wikia, most of them to Kiba because i want his page to be perfect :D but i made correction time to time to another characters like Shino, Hinata, Tenten, Kurotsuchi, Akatsuchi, Torune... etc, some little changes, other more significants, but every change to improve this wikia ^^.

Kiba Inuzuka

  • Whirlwind Wolf Fang Technique. I could say I introduce this technique to Kiba's page.
  • Most of the Kiba's Arcs I created and edited them.
  • Kiba's Abilities Section
  • Kiba vs Sakon/Ukon Image. Also put it in the Parasite Demolition Technique and an Episode Image.
  • Kiba vs Tobi Image.
  • Kiba and The Group at the Land of Iron Image. *
  • *I put the idea of Tobi vs Kiba image and the Kiba's group at the land of Iron Image, but other members edit them because of the quality! So i also thank them and credite them for this ^^


  • Five Kage Summit edit section


  • Kiba vs Preta Path Image

Tsume Inuzuka


  • Tsume's Attack against Preta Path Image

Hana Inuzuka


  • Hana's Pain Invasion Arc creation and edition.


Various Major Changes yesterday around midnight!!!! (30/01/10)

  • Utakata's Profile Picture
  • Bubble Clone Image
  • Blinding Bubble Image
  • Drowning Bubble Image



  • Utakata's Abilities Section



  • Utakata's Jinchūriki Six Tail Form Image
  • Six Tails Partial Look Image
  • Six tails form and tailed beast section creation.

Pain Human Path


  • Soul Removal Anime Image

Inoichi Yamanaka


  • Mind Reading Anime Image

Hinata Hyuga

  • Hinata vs Neji Image.

Shino Aburame

  • Shino's Kikaichu Image in Abilities section.


  • Tenten vs Temari Image.
  • Abilities Section

Fifth Mizukage Mei Terumi

  • Abilities Section Contribution


  • Changes in the arc


  • Abilities Section Contribution
  • Golem Technique Contribution


  • Family Modification

Other Changes

  • 8-Man Squad Image
  • Changes in 8-Man Squad Article
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