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In the section 'Help' there are all the things I gather along the way, that I find important to make a better wikia.

All my uploads are under the section 'Uploads'.

Picture Templates

The 720p / 1080p templates should only be added to the images if:

1. They have a height greater than 720 pixels.

2. They are in the aspect ratio 16:9.

Even if an image equals or exceeds 720 pixels in height, if it's not in the 16:9 ratio, the template should not be added. Same for 1080p (although it can only be used if the image is 1920x1080 exactly, minus black bar cropping as anything less is 720p and anything higher is 2K / 4K resolutions). An image which is simply stretched from the native resolution (eg 4:3 image stretched to 16:9) does not count as true HD and cannot have the template added.

If you want to add this to a pic, you should write the following:

Start with {{

And then add either '720p upload' or '1080p upload'

Finish it off with }}

Picture Information


Start of with '==Summary==' as a header

Go to the next line and enter, {{File Information

Then add the following, and insert all the places where the info is nedded:

  • |Description = Single frame snapshot of ??.
  • |Source = Naruto Series/Naruto: Shippūden, Episode #??.
  • |Purpose = For the illustration of the character.
  • |Characters in image = ??
  • |Portion = Single frame from the Naruto Anime series.
  • |Replaceability = Only by a similar snapshot with the same license status.
  • |Resolution = Low/Medium/High
  • |Other Information =

End this with: }}


First of make a new header, '== Licensing ==' A couple of lines down

Then add: {{. Followed by 'Fair use'

Now make a vertical line, |.

If it's an anime pic, write 'tv-screenshot' after |

end it off with: }}

Picture Link

How to make a link to a pic with text:


First use [[ as a start mark

Then write :File:"Name of the pic" example: :File:Iruka_Umino.png

Last use a vertical line, | and add the text you want.

Lastly use ]] to end it.


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