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About Me

I'm a huge Naruto Shippuden Freak. I like all Ultimate Ninja Games, and played all of them, completed all except Ultimate Ninja 1. I've read all released chapters, watched all released episodes and watches 2 of the movies. When I grow up, I wanna be a Game Maker, and make a Naruto Game, and try to make it better than Generations. I spend a lot of time planning things for my future game, and I'm also gonna share it here with Narutopedia, but I haven't thought of a name yet for the game, so I would love suggestions, and ideas for the game I'm gonna make, cause believe me, what I'm writing below is not a lie!

The Naruto Game I'm gonna make

A little bit of introduction

So I want to feature as many characters, and I'm gonna make the story start from Naruto's Ninja Academy years, all the way to the end of the series. I want to include story parts from the movies as well, and players can choose from Filler Mode to play a Filler Arc from the anime. So the Story Mode is probably just gonna be called Story Mode, and for battling I don't have a name. Anyway, below are the details of the game:


  • Naruto - Ninja Academy Costume, PTS Costume, Shippuden Costume, Sage Mode Costume, and Nine-Tails Chakra Mode Costume.
  • Sakura - PTS Costume, White Traveling Cloak Costume, Shippuden Costume, 4th War Costume
  • Sai - Normal Costume, White Traveling Cloak Costume, 4th War Costume
  • Sasuke - PTS Costume, Black Costume, Shippuden Costume, Hebi Costume, Kirin Costume, Akatsuki Costume, Taka Costume
  • Kakashi Normal Costume, White Traveling Cloak Costume, Anbu Costume
  • Yamato Normal Costume, White Traveling Cloak Costume, Anbu Costume
  • Haku
  • Zabuza - First Battle Costume, Second Battle Costume
  • Gatou's Samurai 1 - Support Only
  • Gatou's Samurai 2 - Support Only
  • Inari - Support Only
  • Neji - PTS Costume, Shippuden Costume, 4th War Costume
  • Tenten, PTS Costume, Shippuden Costume, 4th War Costume
  • Lee - PTS Costume, Shippuden Costume, White Traveling Cloak Costume
  • Shino - PTS Costume, Shippuden Costume, White Traveling Cloak Costume
  • Hinata - PTS Costume, Shippuden Costume, White Traveling Cloak Costume, 4th War Costume
  • Kiba - PTS Costume, Shippuden Costume, White Traveling Cloak Costume, 4th War Costume
  • Ino - PTS Costume, Shippuden Costume, 4th War Costume
  • Shikamaru - PTS Chunin Exam Costume, PTS Normal Costume, Shippuden Costume, White Travling Cloak Costume, Battle Against Hidan Costume
  • Choji - PTS Costume, Shippuden Costume, White Traveling Cloak Costume, 4th War Costume
  • Guy
  • Kurenai
  • Asuma
  • Tsunade - PTS Costume, Hokage Costume
  • Jiraiya
  • Orochimaru - Normal Costume, Grass Ninja Imposer Costume
  • Anko
  • Shizune
  • Minato - Seseni Costume, Hokage Costume, 3rd Movie Costume
  • Hayate
  • Ibiki - Support Only
  • Baki - Support Only
  • Inoichi - Support Only
  • Shikaku
  • Choza
  • Kiba's Mom - Support Only
  • Shibi
  • Dosu
  • Kin - Support Only
  • Zaku - Normal Costume, Broken Arm Costume
  • Yoroi
  • Tsurugi
  • Kabuto - PTS Costume, Shippuden Costume, Anbu Costume, Snake Costume
  • Gaara - Chunin Exam Costume, Saving Sasuke Costume, Shipuden Costume, Kazekage White Roab Costume
  • Kankurou - Chunin Exam Costume, Saving Sasuke Costume, Shippuden Costume, Kage Summit Costume
  • Temari - Chinin Exam Costume, Saving Sasuke Costume, Shippuden Costume
  • Genma - Support Only
  • Raido Support Only
  • Jirobo
  • Kidomaru
  • Sakon/Ukon
  • Tayuya
  • Kimimaro - Normal Costume, Robe Wearking Costume
  • Hashirama
  • Tobimaru
  • Hiruzen
  • Danzou
  • The Third Kazekage
  • The Fourth Kazekage
  • The Third Mizukage
  • Mei Teruma
  • The Third Raikage
  • A (Raikage)
  • Mu
  • Onoki
  • Deidara - Normal Costume, Fighting Sasuke Costume, Fighting Itachi Costume
  • Sasori - Hiruko Form, Third Kazekage Puppeteer, Karasu Kuroari Sanshou Puppeteer, Mother and Father Puppeteer, True Form, Hunred Puppet Control
  • Hidan - Akatsuki Robe Costume, Normal Costume (Half of his Robe Off
  • Kakuzu - Akatsuki Robe Costume, Normal Costume, Maskless Costume
  • Itachi - Normal Costume, Robeless Costume, Anbu Costume, Impure World Ressurection Costume
  • Kisame - Normal Costume, Robeless Costume, Samehada Fused Costume
  • Pain - Young Nagato, Fighting Hanzo Nagato, 1st Path, 2nd Path, 3rd Path, 4th Path, 5th Path, 6th Path
  • Konan - Young Costume(Support Only), Normal Costume(Not Support Only)
  • White Zetsu
  • Black Zetsu - Support only
  • Tobi - Crazy Dude Costume, Orange Mask Costume, New Mask Costume
  • Konohamaru - PTS Costume (Support Only), Shippuden Costume
  • Suigetsu - Normal Costume, Taka Costume
  • Karin - Normal Costume, Taka Costume
  • Jugo - Normal Costume, Taka Costume
  • Ebisu - Support Only
  • Iruka - Support Only
  • Mizuki
  • Fu
  • Torune
  • Ao - Support Only
  • Chojuuro
  • C - Support Only
  • Darui
  • Samui - Suppory Only
  • Atsui - Support Only
  • Omoi
  • Karui
  • Kitsuchi - Support Only
  • Kurotsuchi - Support Only
  • Akatsuchi - Support Only
  • Yugito
  • Yagura
  • Roushi
  • Han - Support Only
  • Utakata
  • Fu
  • Chiyo
  • Toroi - Support only

A little more talk about my game

Well, as you can see, I've got more than 80 characters. So, that's a lot to accomplish, that's why I'm having trouble with the movsesets since it takes me like a week to find out what I should do for the moveset of one character, so I would prefer some people giving me ideas on the movesets, even if it's just one move, I need it, I need all the help I can get to complete this game. Okay, so before I get into character details and movesets, I'm gonna fist tell you about how the game is gonna be first, I mean the features and stuff that you can do and etc..


okay, so before I can get into a lot of detail, let me just say one thing about how the game is gonna be, a little noe: The basic control buttons are just like Ultimate Ninja Storm 1, 2 and Gen, but I made a lot changes to the actions that you can do by using more than one button. So heree they are.

New Actions

Chakra Guard
  • PS3 Buttons: Triangle + R2
  • Xbox 360 Buttons: Y + RT
  • Description: Okay, so if you've ever played Storm 1 or Storm 2, when you guard using L2 or R2, the guard can be broken if you rely on it too much, the chakra guard never breaks in exchange for losing chakra depending on the ime your using the guard.
Ultimate Guard
  • PS3 Buttons: Traingle x2 + R2
  • Xbox 360 Burrons: Y x2 + RT
  • Description: When you use this, you will lose more chakra than the chakra guard, not all characters have an Ultimate Guard or a Chakra Guard, but Ultimate Guard is rarer than Chakra Guard, Ultimate Guards are special. They have a special ability that activates when the guard is successfully blocking an attack. Example: Itachi's Ultimate Guard is "Mirror Heaven and Earth Change", which deflects the blocking attack back to the opponent.
Ultimate Range Attack
  • PS3 Buttons: Traingle x2 + Square
  • Xbox 360 Buttons: Y x2 + X
  • description: Like Chakra Shurikan, but way stronger and requires a lot of chakra. Damages a bit like Ultimate Jutsu but usually less.
10 Different Tilt Moves per Character

Unlike the Storm Naruto Shippuden games, the characters will not have a "Tilt Move", but each character will have 10 different KINDS of Tilts: The Press Stick Tilt, The Left Tilt, The Right Tilt, The Upper Tilt, The Lower Tilt, and the five others are the same but you do the action two times.

New Gameplay Modes

Army Battles

When you do a free or online battle, you can also play an army battle against your opponent. The Army Battle alows the player to select support characters that are basically a kind of ninja, not a exact character. You can select 1,000 people from each Ninja Kind. The Ninja Kinds are the following:

Naruto Shadow Clones


Deidara Detonating Clay Animals


Land of Iron Samurai

Leaf Chunin

Leaf Anbu

Fire Element Users

Water Element Users

Wind Element Users

Earth Element Users

Lightning Element Users

Kenjutsu Chunin

Taijutsu Chunin

Uchiha Sharingan Users

Hyuga Byakugan Users

Itachi Crow Clones

Dead Souls

Elite Samurai Commanders

Sound Ninja

Orochimaru's Curse Mark Second State Experimental People

Five-Element Users

Teleportable Ninja

Tai-Nin-Gen Five-Element Teleportable Jounin

Ninja Tool Users

Sand Puppet Masters

Ranged Ninja


Now, as I mentioned before, I have more than 80 characters so I would prefer suggestions on movesets. Now here are the current movesets I've planned:

Naruto (Normal Shippuden)

  • Normal Combo: Clone Punch Barradge
  • Left/Right Combo: Clone Hurling
  • Upper Combo: Clone Cloud
  • Lower Combo: Clone Rain
  • Press Tilt: 6-Cornered Clone Punch Wall
  • Left Tilt: Clone Charge
  • Right Tilt: Clone Cannon
  • Upper Tilt: Clone Drop
  • Lower Tilt: Clone Crush
  • Duoble Press Tilt: Rasengan Spin
  • Double Left Tilt: Rasengan Clone Charge
  • Double Right Tilt: Rsengan Cannon
  • Double Upper Tilt: Rasengan Drop
  • Double Lower Tilt: Rasengan CRush
  • Grab: Clone Baseball
  • Chakra Grab: Accurate Locked-On Rasengan
  • Ultimate Grab: Clone Prisoned Rasengan Combo
  • Shuriken: Shuriken
  • Chakra Shurikan: Demon Windmill
  • Ultimate Ranged Attack: Thousand Cloned-Shuriken Fire
  • Ninjutsu: Rasengan
  • Enhanced Ninjutsu: Oodama Rasngan
  • Ultimate Jutsu 1: Clone Storm
  • Ultimate Jutsu 2: Ultra Rasengan Combo
  • Ultimate Jutsu 3: Chou Ooodama Rasengan
  • Ultimate Jutsu 4: Nonstop Chou Oodama Rasengan Rendan
  • Ultimate Jutsu 5: Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken

Sasuke (Taka)

  • Normal Combo: Kusanagi Barrage
  • Left/Right Combo: Kusanagi Lightning Sword
  • Upper Combo: Katon: Housenka no Jutsu
  • Loer Combo: Susanoo Slap Crush
  • Press Tilt: Kusanagi Spin
  • Left Tilt: Kusanagi Charge
  • Right Tilt: Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu]
  • Upper Tilt: Chidori Eisou
  • Lower Tilt: Chidori Nagashi
  • Double Press Tilt: Amaterasu Shield
  • Double Left Tilt: Susanoo Punch
  • Double Right Tilt: Susanoo Throw
  • Duouble Upper Tilt: Susanoo Slap
  • Double Lower Tilt: Susanoo Crush
  • Grab: Rising Fireball Jutsu
  • Chakra Grab: Susanoo Squash
  • Chakra Guard: Susanoo Ripcage
  • Shuriken: Shuriken
  • Chakra Shuriken: Sharingan Controlled Chakra String Shuriken
  • Ultimate Ranged Attack: Chidori Windmill Shuriken
  • Ninjutsu 1: Chidori
  • Enhanced Ninjutsu 1: Ultra Chidori
  • Ninjutsu 2: Amaterasu
  • Ultimate Jutsu 1: Ultra Amaterasu
  • Ultimate Jutsu 2: Susanoo Arrow

Moves Details

In the movesets above I only wrote the names of the moves, here I wil write the details.

Clone Punch Barrage

Naruto will attack with threee clones, then all the clones were jump and punch the enemy in rapid speed.

Clone Hurling

Naruto will attack with 3 clones, then the original will jump back and the clones will stop attacking.Naruto will make more clones in an instant and they'll throw each other at the enemy.

Clone Cloud

Naruto will attack with 3 clones. Then he'll make more clones and all of the clones will jump up and the original will throw the enemy up. The clones will throw the enemy down with themselves.

Clone Rain

Naruto will attack with 3 clones. Then the clones will jump up and the original will throw the enemy a bit further and the enemy will fall. The clones will land on the enemy with punches one by one.

6-Cornered Clone Punch Wall

Naruto will create 6 clones and they will jump up with punches around him to protect him from a nearby enemy.

clone Charge

Naruto will create 1 clone and the clone will charge towards the enemy with a couple of punches.

Clone Cannon

Naruto will jump back and create 5 clones that will fly towards the enemy immiedately after they appear.

Clone Drop

Naruto will create a clone that will jump up high and land at a far away distance, that is useful for attacking an enemy from far away.

Clone Crush

Naruto will create 1 clone that will punch the enemy from a very close disstance. Then the enemy will fall down. I will continue the rest later.

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