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== Background ==
== Background ==
Jhbartlett is an active [[Naruto]] fan.
Jhbartlett is an active [[Naruto]] fan.

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Background Edit

Jhbartlett is an active Naruto fan. He is well-versed in the manga versions of Naruto; however, his familiarity with the anime versions is minimal. A very detailed and descriptive writer, he favors article expansions and fidelity to the original Kanji as much as possible. He would like to thank [1] for being able to download all of the updated scanlations of the manga.

This is how insane I am...Edit

It's the week of December 10th here at my University, and it's finals week. So what else to relieve stress but to have ninja-style fights (with K'Nex)? My achievements so far:

  • Excellent shuriken throwing, as well as mastery of the "Shadow Shuriken Jutsu".
  • Successfully laid three traps outside of people's doors while they slept.
  • Innovative use of rubber bands to create a disk-launcher.

My weapons:

  • 8 small shuriken
  • 5 medium shuriken
  • 2 large shuriken
  • 3 kunai
  • 1 disk-launcher with bayonet attachment

There's no better way to get out your pent-up frustration over finals than by beating on your friends with plastic weapons...and when the plastic breaks, normal taijutsu works too.

Uchiha Madara prediction...Edit

I know no one's about to go reading this, but it's fun to do anyways. So about Madara Uchiha...I've got a prediction. You know how Orochimaru was a member of Akatsuki back in the day? And also how he knew that "Summoning Reanimation" jutsu that he used against the Third? Well, I suggest that he learned that jutsu back in the day, before he left them. And that "Tobi" is the body of Obito that was sacrificed to summon Madara's spirit back to the somehow Madara is in Tobi's body now. And that's why seemingly mortal blows never take him out- because when the Third blew off the First and Second's legs with that exploding tag, they grew back...I've got an active mind, and I really hope I'm right...this is Jan 4, 2008...and I'm Jhbartlett.

Favorite characters Edit

  • He's holding out for Naruto & Hinata to get together!
  • Hyuga Neji, although a bit of a jerk in the Chûnin exams, was so cool when he helped against the Sound Four.
  • Definitely NOT Uchiha Sasuke.
  • Kankuro...yeah, I like those puppets. Even if he is a little violent.

Favorite Jutsus Edit

  • Byakugan (technically more of an attribute than a jutsu, but whatever)
  • Genjutsu: Kokuangyo no jutsu
  • Suitan: Suiryudan no jutsu
  • Mokutan: Jukaikotan
  • Jyorosenbon no jutsu
  • Tanuki Neiri no helps me get to sleep at night.

Should Itachi steal Sasuke's eyes? Edit


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