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Several things:

  1. I don't think it's canon but a speculation.
  2. For more information about my speculations, head to

Sasuke Uchiha Theory

Despite me once a Sasuke hater, since his character is comparable to my novels' main character, I'm starting to dig up Sasuke's identity.

Okay, so let's get started. We are all aware that Sasuke is just seeking his vengeance because of Tobi's manipulation.

  • I think Sasuke Uchiha has a posttraumatic stress disorder which people thinks they are emotionless. Sasuke is suffering from a dilemma and a certain mental illness besides PTSD. Okay, here's number one proof: he can't breath normally when Sasuke reminisces his times with Itachi, a symptom of PTSD. Also, his personality; each of them is a symptom of PTSD. So I think it is. Also, he stayed away with Naruto.


As for his revenge, he was f- corrupted by Tobi. He stated he only lives to be an avenger; to kill Itachi, and now everything is done. He's targeting Naruto, and I think it's fine, but he should talk to Itachi first right?

I am thinking of the worst possiblities, that when Itachi released the Edo Tensei, he would be released, as well and say the last words "Yuruse Sasuke", which I hope for the least won't happen. For the better possibilities, I think after their talk, Itachi'll be released. However, Sasuke would still want to kill Naruto to prove who's stronger, go back to Konoha and would kill Tobi as vengeance. I forgot what's the point and how. I have understood Sasuke why he wants his revenge.


As for his fight against Naruto, I think it WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Naruto loves Sasuke, and that's because he has become kinder to Naruto, however in rude way. (WTF get it? I mean he's kinder to Naruto, but he still talks to him in a rude way).

POSSIBLITY: Sasuke would die and Naruto would avenge him. But Naruto never had his promises and vows broken.

Kabuto Yakushi

When the latest chapter was released, I doubt that Kabuto is 23 years old. Why? Kabuto spied on Iwa, Kumo, Suna and Kiri consecutively for five years. Judging from the Kikyo Pass that happened 17 years ago, so Kabuto would be 6 years old possibly when Nono saw him. But I realize I was wrong, though.

  • Timeline [ANTR- After Nine-Tails Rampage and BNTR- Before Nine Tails Rampage]:
    • Kabuto was found when he was 6 years old. (1 BNTR)
    • Spend his time on orphanage in three years. (6-9 years old; 1 BNTR- 1 ANTR)
    • He went to Kumo for one year. (9-10 years old; 2 ANTR)
    • Suna. (10-11 years old; 3 ANTR)
    • Kiri. (11-12 years old; 4 ANTR)
    • Iwa. (12-13 years old; 5 ANTR)
    • He found Orochimaru on Iwa and became his assistant. (12-13 years old; ANTR)
    • Itachi entered Akatsuki, Orochimaru defected. (14-15 years old; 8 ANTR)
    • Kabuto spied on Orochimaru ordered by Sasori. (15-16 years old; 9 ANTR)
    • Kabuto battled Tsunade (19-20 years old; 13 ANTR)
    • Sasuke killed Orochimaru (23 years old; 16 ANTR)
    • Shinobi World War (23-24 years old; 16-17 ANTR)

I think that would be considerable.

Favorite Characters


  1. Tobi
  2. Nagato
  3. Neji Hyūga
  4. Gaara
  5. Itachi Uchiha


  1. Kuchiki Byakuya
  2. Kyōraku Shunsui
  3. Ukitake Jūshiro
  4. Ichigo Kurosaki
  5. Ishida Uryū/Ishida Ametatsu


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