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Welcome here! It's just mostly summary of list of each Kage of Five Great Countries. You can find my theories below, some which seemed to be a fact.
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  • A Kage is one of the most strongest shinobi in their home village.


Hashirama Senju

He founded Konohagakure. After several decades, the First Shinobi World War started because of the hostilities. He died during the war.

Tobirama Senju

He was the successor of the title. Unfortunately, he also died as a decoy to protect the next generation of ninja. His reign only takes years. But he appointed Hiruzen Sarutobi as his successor.

Hiruzen Sarutobi

His reign takes up many decades. He was the strongest Hokage in history. He led Konoha in two wars, and successfully won because of their "Will of Fire" that Hashirama passed to him and Hiruzen, in turn passed it to Konoha ninjas.

Minato Namikaze

He became the Hokage after the war. He's the reason why Konoha won against Iwa. His reign was only one year. Madara attacked Konoha using the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox which was sealed to his wife. He saved the village by combating Madara, and remove the beast's control to him. He died to seal the beast to his newborn son, Naruto. He was famed as the Konoha's Yellow Flash because of his Flying Thunder God Technique.

Hiruzen resumed the title

He resumed the title when Minato died. He created a law which is for Naruto, to avoid being treated harshly to the villagers as the beast who attacked the village was sealed within him, but wasn't followed. But after thirteen years, his student, Orochimaru, destroy the village, but the village was saved by sealing Orochimaru's arms. He died using the Dead Demon Consuming seal to seal the ressurected First and Second Hokage at their fight.


She became the Hokage after Hiruzen's death. Jiraiya and Naruto searched for her for the title. At first she didn't agree, probably in her tragedic past, but agreed and overcame her fear.


First Kazekage

He founded Sunagakure.

Second Kazekage

He was the first to research about a jinchūriki.

Third Kazekage

He was the strongest among the Kazekage because of his Iron Sand. Unfortunately, he was assassinated by Sasori 4 BNTR, and became a human puppet.

Fourth Kazekage

His reign took several decades. He made his son a jinchūriki to became the ultimate weapon of Sunagakure. However, 6 ANTR, he ordered to assassinate his son, Gaara, as a failed experiment. However, they couldn't kill Gaara. Thirteen years after Gaara's birth, he planned to invade Konoha with the help of Orochimaru. His reign ended when Orochimaru betrayed and killed him. After his resurrection, he admitted to Gaara everything, which made the young Kazekage emotional.


He became the Kazekage after several years. He is the youngest Kazekage in history, and even when Shukaku was removed from him because of Akatsuki, he remained powerful to became Kazekage.


He was the Second Tsuchikage. He was the teacher of Onoki, the current Third Tsuchikage. He specialized in Dust Release.


He is the longest reigning Tsuchikage. He is the student of Mū, the Second Tsuchikage. Like his sensei, he also specialized in Dust Release.


Second Raikage

He was the leader during the First Shinobi World War. In his tenure, the Second Raikage entered Kumogakure into a formal alliance with Konohagakure. During the ceremony, both he and the Second Hokage were ambushed by the Gold and Silver Brothers, who were attempting to stage a coup d'état.

Third Raikage

He was responsible sealing the Eight-Tails to Killer Bee 29 BNTR.


He held the Five Kage Summit in Land of Iron to discuss about Akatsuki's actions because his brother, Killer Bee was kidnapped. At first meeting, it proved unsuccessful, because of Akatsuki's interference, but in second meeting in Kumogakure, it was successful, and became the main head of the Allied Shinobi Forces.


Second Mizukage

He is the Second Mizukage. His enemy was the Second Tsuchikage. But they killed each other. He originated from the Hōzuki Clan.


He is the Fourth Mizukage. He is a jinchūriki of the Three-Tails. In his reign, Kirigakure was known as "Village of Bloody Mist".

Mei Terumī

She is the Fifth Mizukage. She have two Kekkei Genkais, the Boil and Lava Release.


  • Konoha won two wars and Koharu and Homura knows all the four wars.
  • Tobi lost his hope. [FACT]
  • Iruka's scar maybe a pun to his name.
  • Of all the characters, Gaara's identity takes years to be revealed.
  • Of all the three siblings, Kankurō is the only one who inherited neither his mother nor his father's hair colour. But he really looks like the Kazekage.
  • They said that Itachi's soul will be forcefully removed or when Sasuke returned to light. [BLUFF]
  • Tobi can be a member of the Uchiha clan [FACT]
  • Tobi's identity will be revealed. [FACT]
  • Itachi will fight Kabuto. [1] [FACT]
  • Tobi is the mastermind of the Nine Tails' attack because he's using space-time ninjutsu. [FACT]
  • Naruto should hate Tobi for reasons:
    • He was responsible for Kurama's attack.
    • He extracted Kurama from his mother.
      • If Obito didn't extract Kurama, it would have turned out this way:
        • Minato is still the Fourth Hokage.
        • Naruto won't have so much chakra.
        • Kushina is still a ninja.
        • Naruto will be quite talented at Fuinjutsu, plus the Space-Time Technique.
        • Naruto won't be shunned.
        • Naruto can taste Kushina's specialties.
        • Gaara is still the sociopath boy.
    • But for some reasons, it has also advantages, like enabling Naruto to understand Gaara, Sasuke and even Tsunade.
  • Naruto will change Kurama before he meets Sasuke during the war. [FACT]
  • I don't think Sasuke and Naruto's fight will happen. [FACT]

People Naruto Changed

  • These are people Naruto have changed.

Original Characters (Anime & Manga)

  1. Iruka Umino
  2. Konohamaru Sarutobi
  3. Neji Hyūga
  4. Gaara (who changed Onoki as well)
  5. Tsunade
  6. Sai
  7. Nagato
  8. Konan
  9. Killer B
  10. Chiyo
  11. Obito Uchiha

Canon Characters (Anime-Only, Movie, OVA... etc.)


  1. Haruna
  2. Toki
  3. Menma
  4. Ganryū
  5. Todoroki
  6. Shizuka
  7. Yūsuke
  8. Iggy

People Who Put Their Fates On Naruto


  1. Nagato
  2. Minato Namikaze
  3. Jiraiya
  4. Konan
  5. Kakashi Hatake
  6. Kushina Uzumaki
  7. Chiyo
  8. Sakura Haruno
  9. Gaara
  10. Itachi Uchiha (who saved Kabuto)
  11. Obito Uchiha (who sealed Kurama back to him)


  1. Koyuki Kazahana
  2. Michiru Tsuki
  3. Hikaru Tsuki


  1. Shibuki

People Who Somehow Influenced Naruto

Original Characters (Anime & Manga)

  1. Sasuke Uchiha
  2. Iruka Umino
  3. Kakashi Hatake
  4. Jiraiya
  5. Nagato
  6. Itachi Uchiha


  1. Itachi told Naruto that he will stop the summoning.

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