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A Little Description...

My pseudonym on Naruto wikia is Ikijime Koorimusha, and I really don't have much to say at the moment. However, I have created my own Naruto character (named Jougi Koorimusha), and if people want to see it, I'll post his specs on my page. The character is very much like me, both physically and socially.

Favorite Characters

Here are my top five (in order) favorite characters, with explainations: 1)Kakashi Hatake: I love his sarcasm and dry humor ("Hmm? Did you say something?" and "How should I put this? My first impression of this group're a bunch of idiots." ='D) His strong sense of justice is also refreshing (though it was originally Obito's quote... "In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum. This is true. But, those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.") Plus he has the sharingan and he's not an Uchiha, which makes him that much cooler. 2)Hinata Hyuga: I like Hinata a lot because she is very shy and cute about the whole "crush on Naruto thing". Despite that, she is also very strong and proves Neji wrong about not being able to change one's destiny. The episode where she reveals the "Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms" is one of my favorites because she reveals her true inner strength. Plus, she is a great example of determination and, well, she is just really sweet. 3)Naruto Uzumaki: I just can't list all of his acheivements and good characteristics, so I'll sum it up in three words: He's freakin awesome. 'Nuff said. 4)Itachi Uhicha: His level-headedness and cool guy attitude are so great. I hate his intense, passionate side, it ruined his whole persona for me. Then again, the whole "finding out that Itachi was really a good guy" thing was one of the best things ever... it reddemed him in my eyes. Plus, he is crazy powerful, with the Mangekyo Sharingan jutsu and the other sharingan genjutsu, and his additional ninjutsu. 5)Shino Aburame: He is cool like Itachi, but he also has that humor side that I like. He has a lot impressive abilities, and I think is fairly a good leader. His stratagies are great too; the plan he had while fighting Kankuro was quite ingenious. He and Shikamaru Nara are constantly fighting for this number 5 spot; I like Shikamaru too because of his mind and mannerisms.

Ending Note

I love Naruto (the show, of course). But who here doesn't? Peace everyone! --Ikijime Koorimusha

Hey People

I am gonna guess that you guys don't really care or had noticed at all, but I'm back from my hiatus. I don't have to do anymore college apps anymore (THANK YOU GOD!) because I got accepted to my first choice school (U. Pitt) on a full tuition merit scholarship. I'm back to editing!

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