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My Favorite Characters

My Favorite Characters

  • Tsunade2.jpg Unfathomable Beauty and Immense Strength Ripened by Age

Tsunade is beautiful, strong, both physically and mentally, she is smart, and very well rounded. I think she is a hilarious character. Her physical strength is by far my most favorite technique in the series. I love how she is like a contridiction of herself. One side of her is a violent brute with mostorous strength, and then the other side of her is intelligent and extremely skilled with medicine. I love her medical prowess. That is always one of my favorite abilities no matter what show it is in. Having knowledge of the human body, and how it works is amazing to me. She has been my favorite character since her introduction, and will always continue to be.


Sakura is intelligent, funny, and determined. In part 1 I really only liked her a little, but in part 2 my respect for her tripled. Her techniques are almost the same as my favorite character's. She along with Naruto have the highest stats out of what was left of the Rookie 9 also higher than Lee's and Tenten's. I really wanted her to fight Haku in the war because that would've been very interesting, but it never happened. I love that she has knowledge far beyond her age, and that she can utilize it effectively in battle. She is definitely a strong person, and I hope Kishimoto will stop trolling her character, and actually let her fight a little. Sasuke and Naruto constantly fight, and once every blue moon she'll fight.

  • A Young Genius Hidden in the Shadows

Shikamaru is laid back and extremely intelligent, very possibly the most intelligent character in the series. I find his laid back ways to be very funny. His shadow abilities aren't interesting but i still like them a little. I haven't seen much of him in shippuden. His fight with Asuma was short and not quite what I was expecting. It felt rushed which is something I don't get often from Kishimoto. I hope in the future he gets better fights. Shikamaru is and will continue to be one of my favorite characters. Hmmm............... His hairstyle is just like Iruka's. It's random, but I just thought I'd throw that in somewhere.


Hidan is a hilarious character. I like the fact that he is still alive though I know that he will never be a part of the story line again. I thought his abilities were extremely interesting, even though he wasn't too intelligent so his abilities weren't utilized to the fullest. I also liked his relationship with Kakazu it was always amusing to watch. His sadistic nature is cool. His scythe is one of the best if not the best weapon in Naruto. He wields it so effectively, and makes it all the more interesting. Now I just hope that his character isn't completely thrown away which I think he is.

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