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September 21, 2013
  • I live in Jakarta
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is " I'm not the best guy there is and I'm only here to increase and share my knowledge with anyone"
  • I am Male

Brief Depicti¤n ¤f Me

Gaara full body Gender Male Senju Symbol Sunagakure Symbol

Nature Element's & Kekkei Genkai's i wish i have :

Nature Icon Fire Nature Icon Earth Nature Icon Wind Nature Icon Magnet Nature Icon Blaze Nature Icon Yin–Yang

My Fav¤rite Shinobi Character

  1. Gaara , " Isn't it Obvious enough ;) , well the reasons are he's charismatic, meticulous, and kind :) "
  2. Naruto Uzumaki , " His Will is stronger than anything in the world "
  3. Hashirama Senju ,  "Not only he is kind, he is also a respectful and humble"
  4. Rock Lee , " I like him so much since i've been watching the Springtime of Youth Series "
  5. Jiraya , " The Greatest Teacher ever "
  6. Itachi , " The Greatest Brother ever"
  7. Shikamaru Nara , " His Inteligence is as big as his heart "
  8. Jūgo , " I like him alot when he's not in his Nut-Mode "
  9. Kidōmaru ,  "I like him because of his playful yet deadly attitude"
  10. Orochimaru , " Perhaps i'm the only 1 who put him on a favorite character list, but i really started to admire him in the latest storyline "

My Hopes & Dreams For this Wiki

  1. Be a Usefull member, nothing more or less
  2. Make sure that Naruto Wiki became the Best Manga Wiki forever
  3. Have Masashi Kishimoto visit and be proud of this wiki
  4. Make People Happy and Smile
  5. Strikethrough one of my hopes and dreams above
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