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Cloud Release:I came up with this thesis after seeing Hiruko in the 3rd shippuden movie fighting against Naruto with storm release.Basically,this is how it goes,you have to use 3 elements in this mix.I kno in the show it takes two elements to form an advanced 1,however its still just a thesis.Basically,with the 3 elements,fire,water,and wind.The process of the formation of clouds 1st begins with the evaporation of water.Fire and water can cause this.Initially,you would have boil release,the fire superheating the water and causing it to evaporate.Then,wen the water vapour cools,it forms little water droplets or ice crystals.Ice release would initiate this or be a benefactor of this process.and then the water condenses even more so.It picks up dust particles and it gets its appearance of being white and feathery or it doesnt need tht at all.I dnt kno if this could work in the show or make sense to you guys,as it utilizes three elements(fire,water and wind) or two advanced elements,boil and ice and in the show to make an advanced element utilizes the combination of 2 elements,so respond to this if anything is wrng or sumthing.thnks.Harashima (talk) 05:24, November 21, 2010 (UTC)Harashima

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