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Hello~ EriHonjo here, just trying to make her profile pages look all purdy XD Anyway, as I said my Username is EriHonjo but my real name is Chantel. Your welcome to call me: Eri, Chan, EriHonjo, Chantel... whatever you want as long as I know your talkin to me and it's not an insult. I'm kinda shy when I first meet people but once I get to know you a bit better and stuff i'll be a little ball of energy. I'm usually really polite and keep my opinions to myself, unless I feel something needs to be said. Buuuuut lets just hope I dont get to that point. But I'm really nice I swear!! XD Don't be afraid to talk to me~

Miscellaneous Facts About Me

Age: 21

Fav color(s): Blue and Purple

Fav Anime(s): Naruto & Naruto Ship., Gundam Wing, Avatar, InuYasha, Fullmetal Alchemist and Sailor Moon are the only ones I can think of atm. But there are lots more XD

Fav Games: Fire Emblem, Sonic, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts and Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney series in all of its entirety)

Music: Any (seriously I listen to everything, though I may not know who your talking about or what song by name if you ask :P)

I love to draw. Unfortunately, my drawing muse isn't all that great so I hardly do. However when I get the bug, I draw lol

DOH I cant think of anything else XD I'm sure i'll think of more later XD

Naruto and Me (How we came to be)

Alright! Oh god, I don't think I want to do this... but... I must.

I've been into Naruto since I was about 14 and let's just say it has me hooked (that's putting lightly people). No matter how mad I get or depressed I get about the series I ALWAYS come back. I've put to much time and energy into this series to just drop it. So yeah... my love for Naruto is a strong one.

Now, what I meant by "to much time and energy" is that I've literally spent hours researching and studying the world of Naruto. Honestly, all the things I've learned about the series that I didn't already know I learned from Narutopedia. So thanks guys for making this a reliable source to come too. The reason I've done so much research on Naruto is because I'm currently doing doujin manga of the series. It's a collab project with 2 friends of mine and my cousin. We've created out own characters and... yeah. Just a lot of fun stuff for me and my friends. (PSSST BTW, my avatar is a picture of Eri, my character, redone by me off a picture of Sakura. Just a little FYI I guess XD)

With all that out of the way. What I love about the series and what I hate about the series. Keep in mind these are my personal feelings and I swear I'm not trying to poke anyone. So without further ado... My favorite Character(s) (in order): Sasuke, Shino & Neji, Haku, Minato & Itachi, Kurenai & Tsunade/Mei

Least favorite Character(s): Karin...*die!!!* (oopsie~), Sakura, and Kakashi and I have a love/hate relationship...

Favorite Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan and Ice release

Favorite village: Konoha and Kiri

What I love about the series: It's funny, it keeps you on your toes, you ALMOST never know what to expect, the storyline is deep and (most) of the characters you can relate to.

What I hate about the series: Karin (oops already said that), that Sakura isn't as badass as shes supposed to be (c'mon shes just a waste of space the way she is now!! she either needs a revamp or she need to gtfo), Kishimoto (well kinda. its a love/hate between the two of us too), That Sasuke is being a freaking dumbass with the the revenge thing (i'm not gonna get into that i'll never shut up), that Itachi died how he did and last but not least... IT DOESNT SEEM TO FREAKIN END AND GIVES ME A HEART ATTACK.

Favorite relationships: NaruxHina, SakuxLee, TemxShika, InoxChoji, KarinxSuigetsu (and im not an avid yaoi fan however I will say that most of the rest of the kids i didnt mention all belong together somehow cuz i say so and none deserves to be alone... except maybe Karin but I'm trying not to hate on her too much)

Hm... that's pretty much it I think for now. I'll probably put more on later. I just can't think of any at the moment. If any of you can think of a way to make my page better please let me know! I would love to make some friends on here. :D

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