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Well... I guess I should write something here.

I'm Emperor of Water. I am an Indian. I was born on the Eighth of March in the year of the Boar. I'm a Pisces, my blood type is B+, and I'm a Hindu. I'm proud of my Indian culture and heritage but I still am tolerant and especially dislike fanatics or conversions. My belief is that we should let everyone have their own religion.

Im tall, with black hair and spectacles. My interests span across a wide variety of subjects, and I basically read anything. However, I am not fond of studying, preferring the lighter arts such as debate or public speech instead. Im extremely talented at language arts, having mastered my regional language, English, and learnt Greek and Japanese from unofficial study. I'm also known for my sense of humor.

I've been part of the Internet community since 2006 and discovered anime then. The first time I came into contact with Naruto was last year, but since then I have been ever expanding my knowledge. I do not own any books about Naruto referring instead to read it up on the Internet.

Whenever I find the time to work on the Narutopedia, I mostly write up articles on obscure game and manga jutsus and prefer spending my time editing and creating articles on jutsus.

My favorite Naruto character is Hatake Kakashi.

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