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Hello everyone im here to add helpful info for the naruto series/manga to further this wikis trusted information(no meaningless info will be added. Hopefully my contributions help this wiki and new changes and info will be added when i find it while watching the manga/anime) Hopefully i will be a great help to all NARUTO,NARUTO SHIPPUDEN FANS and amerging newcomers.

Ihave recently added emotions of pain each emotion i found (from doing exausting research)shows what jutsu they use to their purposes(remember the six ninja jiraiya saw in a flashback during his fight how each one in the past held a emotion) Yahiko=happy,bliss,deva path,some hatred for amegakure.

If you have any questions or comments please submit to my talk page or my email put title NARUTOWIKI FOR IT TO NOT BE MARKED AS SPAM)


Thanks to rasengan888 for telling me crucial information thank you

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