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January 21, 2009
                            Id like to bring attention to a wiki that just started up it's the bakuman wiki bakuman is a great manga and this wiki really needs attention thanks 

I'm am active on the starwars bleach and naruto wikis for more info on me check out my user page on the star wars wiki at the moment im pissed off.


5. Kiba/Suigestu

4. Itachi

3. Neji

2. Kakazu

1. Gaara

4. Itachi

3. Neji

2. Kakazu

1. Gaara

--My least favourite characters--

5. Choji

4. Ino

3. Hinata

2. Karin

1. Sakura (Part 1)

--Reasons why im pissed off--

1. The Indigo at the Eglington Center took the books from the beautiful books section and put in Twilight merchandise.

2. In the best of E3 awards in the new Nintendo Power they gave KH: 358/2 days the BEST CLOAKS AWARD WTF!

3. Carmine's death in Gears of Wars 2

4. People can like such terrible mangas (one piece)

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