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February 16, 2010

hello everybody, i'm new to Naruto, but i like this anime. i know some things, but i definetly have a lot to learn about it, and i would like to learn. There are a lot of things that i do not know, and i do not understand yet. There are many things that are new to me, and i hope with your kindness and patience, to understand them, one by one, step by step.

My interest to the Naruto Anime, brought me here, in this Naruto wikia, and i like this wikia, because i can find a precious source of information, for lot of things, i'm interested arround the anime. Thank you for creating and maintaining this wikia.

my favorite though is: If knowledge is power, and power corrupts, how will human kind ever survive?

please feel free to ask me, IF i know the answer i will share it, if you belive i'm wrong somewhere, feel free to correct me.

last but not least, thanks to Theultimate3 for inviting me to make an account here. I like this wikia and i will spend a lot of time here.

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