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October 12, 2012
  • I was born on August 6
  • My occupation is Deidara's #1 fan
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Deidara's worshipper. Yes that's right, I worship Deidara, I've far surpassed "#1 fan". Not a thing I don't know about the man. And no, it's nothing to do with his glorious appearance of a true artist, it's all on his masterpiece of a personality.

I strive for complete accuracy and truth in regards to his character. My being here is to ensure trolls do not vandalize Deidara's page or pages in relation to him. Because this place is the only online area to learn about His Magnificence. Any other place is a porn-den, or ignorant forums. This place, for the most part, is free of ignorant little boys and horny girls.

I am, however, unbiased. Bias makes everything you say not credible. Besides, I can laud Deidara without being biased. He needs no biased praise. Just the truth and facts makes him out to be what I say he is -- an awe-inspiring artistic genius.

I don't bash characters, nor do I hate any characters. That's just for children. I just hate real-life people, like a lot. I can, however, say that the character development of some characters is sub par, but that's on Kishimoto.

I appreciate every one who is an actual fan of Deidara.

I despise yaoi, and not because of the genders involved (only a religious dead-brain would take issue with homosexuality, anyway), but because among many other things, it is a slap in the face to real men who're homosexual. It tries to depict boys' feelings and lives, but is created by girls and for girls. That's gotta say something's wrong with it.

All hail to the most amazing artist ever: Deidara-sama. Wrap yourself in the despair and drown in the admiration.

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