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My name's Davidchola 'cause that's how my pals call me! I'm am a BIG FAN FROM NARUTO, I like it so much. I've got all the PS2 and PS3 games from Naruto, and I love the series so much that I cry almost all the time when I see. I lately got the demo from Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and I'm going to get the complete one in Christmas. I hope I can play as all of Akatsuki members, except for Zetsu, he never shows up in a video game (I hope he's shown in the Story Mode of Storm 2) and I hope that they include Tobi, since he's not confirmed.

P.S. If Naruto has half of the Nine-Tails chakra and in the first Shippūden filler arc Sora has the other half in the manga it won't be possible to create an arc about the second Nine-Tails that would be much cooler than that stupid Sora, it would be so full of action and drama.

P.P.S Utakata would appear too in the manga if wasn't the filler and a battle of him against the Akatsuki would be much cooler than that missile who made him uncounscious by Pain. It would be cool against Konan and Hotaru wouldn't interfere with that disgusting back with a Seal. I'M NOT SAYING THE FILLER SUCK BUT IT WOULD BE BETTER TO NOT INTERFERE WITH THE TAILED BEASTS AND AKATSUKI SINCE THEY'RE ALMOST THE CENTER OF THE STORY.

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