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January 28, 2007
  • I live in British Columbia, Canada
  • I was born on May 1
  • My occupation is Web Developer
  • I am Male
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|{{User Manga|4|Soul Eater}}
|{{User Manga|4|B-Ichi}}
|{{User Manga|-|O-Parts Hunter}}
|{{User Manga|-|Princess Resurrection}}
|{{User Manga|-|Future Diary}}

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Daniel Friesen (also known as Dantman or Nadir-Seen-Fire) is the founder of the Narutopedia and Soul Eater Wiki, as well as the Animepedia and the Animanga Wiki it moved to. He has been active on Wikia since June of 2006 starting with the founding of the Gaiapedia.

Outside of Wikia Daniel is a programmer who works professionally as a web developer. He has interests in anime and gaming and sometimes plays around with side hobbies such as photography, Arduino related things, and 3D printing.

13,086 This user has a Editcount of 13,086.
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*_* This user loves the Manga Soul Eater.
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^_^ This user reads the Manga Princess Resurrection.
^_^ This user reads the Manga Future Diary.
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