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  • I live in Portugal
  • My occupation is Football, Habbo, Anime, Mangá
  • I am Male

Latest Naruto Chapter Synopsis

  • Chapter 636 - This chapter begins with Kakashi and Obito impaling each other mutually, revealing it was only a illusion fight between the two, which both had enough, deciding to fight seriously, initiating the real combat they start recalling past memories from the same conflict which both had when they were younger under Minato's jurisdiction, which again had the same outcome, Kakashi dealing a fatal blow towards Obito who also dealt a harsh blow to Kakashi, but not fatal. Obito fled from the dimension where he lost the battle against Kakashi to the battlefield willing to prevent his old friend from winning the war. Once at the battlefield after Madara defeated easily Hashirama's Wood Clone and noting Obito's arrival, he betrays his partner in crime by controlling him and inducing his own "will", Obito's half Zetsu cells' body starts gaining a black-colored tone and expelling black-colored chakra receiver roots forcing Obito to consummate his resurrection. Dan.Faulkner (talk) 01:25, July 2, 2013 (UTC)

Editing Profile

  • I majorly edit anime based pages, weekly I am the one who makes the episodes summary with some older contributors.
  • I like to edit mangá content too, but anime is my specialty.
  • Rarely add images and I never edit games' content, only adit games content when some contributor vandalize game's pages content.

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Sim sou Português com orgulho, sou jogador de Habbo, o meu nick é Dan.Faulkner no habbo também. gosto de Role Playing Game principalmente Naruto RPG.

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