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February 14, 2013
  • I live in Your ❤Heart❤  !
  • My occupation is Sasuke Uchiha's Die Hard Fangirl (♥.♥)
  • I am Female (Yeahhhh!!)

CURRYCARLIEE welcomes you! glad you took your time spending here to visit me and kinda boring.

I'm a Semi-active user in this wiki and I spend most of my time in coloring/creating linearts from Naruto and those are submitted in DeviantArt. In a different name : Mishyharu. Also, Since blogs are disabled in this wiki. I've just decided to make my reviews in DeviantArt, also.. I'm posting these blogs weekly. only about the manga. I am an active user in FT Wiki, however, A naughty user is telling lies about me and I'm blocked >:(

Favorite Characters

1.Sasuke Uchiha - Honestly.. I think I changed him as my top favorite character in Naruto while I'm playing Impact and Storm 3 because of his awesomeness!! XD And his strength, Oh my god. I cannot count how many times I said "Sasukeeee~! ♥".
2.Sakura Haruno - She is the one I mostly adore in the anime. I think I like her because of her name and hair color, since I love the color pink XD. She is the origin of my Naruto RPCs. My only problems in RPCs are her expressions and lack of drawing XD.

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