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June 7, 2013
  • I live in California
  • I was born on November 23
  • I am Male

Brief Intro

Hello, my name is Boredfan1 and I hang out in one of the many Naruto fanon wiki's such as the Naruto Fanon-Central though sometimes I get onto the chat of Naruto Fanon which this wiki is affiliated with. Although I don't come around here too often to comment or make a page, I do often use it for reference as well as other uses. The very first wiki I was ever on was called The Fable Wiki in which I created my wikia account for weeks prior to finding this wiki. Although it may say on my profile that I am a new member, I joined back in July of 2013 however, I decided to leave when I first found The Naruto Fanon then moved on to Naruto Fanon-Central which I consider to be my home wiki though you can find me on the Fable wiki and sometimes on other wiki's too. I'm American and live in California on the west coast of the US however, I have lived in another state and traveled through a few as well so I am no stranger to other parts of the country though I have never been outside of the US.

I love watching the Naruto anime as well as read the manga chapters online, constantly checking to see when the next episode comes out not because of impatiences but out of anticipation and excitement. Naruto is by no means the only anime I like nor was it my first though which was is impossible to remember for me at this time but I look forward to finding out one day.

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