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Hi all, I'm an extreme fangirl. I have way too many facts memorized to try and deny it. I've had a subscription to shonen jump weekly since 1999 and I own the entire Naruto manga collection (up to 489 currently). I've watched every single episode a dozen times over. All the movies and every special. At this point I'm mostly just chasing down episodes with better translations and less censorship (hooray for fansubs). And despite my incredible distaste for them, I've also watched the dubs. At this point I'm obsessed with mattwilson83's Naruto: NaruHina doujinshi and honestly wish it and not the manga was canon, unlike Kishimoto, matt-sama actually gives us a reward for all the sorrow and heartbreak we're put through by the events in the series. *kisses*

Far as the wiki goes, I'm always up for a jutsu or character debate, and I'm a stickler for grammar. I'm a romance novelist and I work from home, so I'm online a lot, and although I have real deadlines I should worry about and don't get paid for it I've been wasting a lot my time on creating steamy naruto fanfiction romances. I can't help it, I love and cherish the characters so much, I just want to see them happy, even if I have to make it happen myself! :D


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