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June 12, 2013
  • I live in Hanoi, Vietnam
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Hello~ ^^

I'm a Naruto fan who likes to contribute to this Wikia to kill time. I mostly edit minor errors (grammars, wordings,...). I don't usually add information since I'm not much of a writer. My English is in no way perfect, but still, I'd love to do something for the fandom and Naruto, however little it might be ^^ If anyone spots any mistakes I'd made, or criticises, advises me or simply says Hi, please correct it or tell me! ^_^


  1. rant #I can do what I want on my profile teehee #Friendly Mode off for a few seconds

/current mood: exasperated/

So, it seems like there are *some* people who underestimated my abilities /overestimated theirs. As I've stated before, my English is far from perfect. But lemme tell you some secret: -whisper- I only edit what I'm 100% sure about, grammars or wordings or information, hun. Last time I checked, I was the one who scored high in a famous language specialized school in my country's entrance English test. I'm definitely not the best English learner around, but I have enough confidence in my abilities that I could help everyone make a better Naruto Wiki. Sure, I make mistakes sometimes, but I correct it as soon as I spotted it. At least I don't lack comprehensive reading /sarcasm/

Okay, feeling better now.

  1. End rant #Jeez, some people can be so double-standard #and they call themselves neutral lol
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