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Chapter 211
(変則的…!!, Hensokuteki…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Volume #24 (#24)
Previous "Lee's Secret!!"
Chapter Naruto #211
Next "Crisis, Crisis, Crisis!!"
Arc Sasuke Recovery Mission
Anime Naruto #124
"Unorthodox…!!" (変則的…!!, Hensokuteki…!!) is chapter 211 of the original Naruto manga.


Kiba leaves the safety of the river to hide on land. Elsewhere, Lee, drunk, attacks Kimimaro. Kimimaro is no longer able to predict and block Lee's attacks, as Lee himself does not know what he is doing. After Lee manages to land several blows and dodges all of Kimimaro's, Kimimaro makes greater use of his Shikotsumyaku, sprouting bones from all over his body to damage Lee whenever he attacks.

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