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This is the article on volume 21. If you are looking for the article on chapter 190, head to Unforgivable!!.
(許せない!!, Yurusenai!!)
Volume Info
Previous Naruto vs. Sasuke!!
Volume 21
Next Reincarnation…!!
Release Date
Japanese March 4, 2004 ISBN (4-08-873573-3) Icon - Search
English October 2, 2007 ISBN (978-1-4215-1855-8) Icon - Search
Yoshino NaraShinta
Unsealing TechniqueFour Black Fogs FormationDark Sealing MethodBarrier Method FormationPassing FangEarth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent NothingnessSpider Web AreaEarth Release: Earth Mausoleum DumplingArhat FistSpiked Human Bullet TankPartial Multi-Size TechniqueEarth Release: Earth Shore ReturnSuper Multi-Size TechniqueChubby DiveButterfly Chōji ModeButterfly Bullet Bombing
Mind Awakening PillThree Coloured Pills

Unforgivable!! (許せない!!, Yurusenai!!) is volume 21 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 181

The Beginning of the Battle…!! (闘いの始まり…!!, Tatakai no Hajimari…!!)

The Beginning of the Battle…!!

Chapter 182

Assemble!! (集結!!, Shūketsu!!)


Chapter 183

The Promise of a Lifetime (一生の約束, Isshō no Yakusoku)

The Promise of a Lifetime

Chapter 184

Oto vs. Konoha!! (音vs木ノ葉!!, Oto Bāsasu Konoha!!)

Oto vs. Konoha!!

Chapter 185

Pursue Oto…!! (音を追え…!!, Oto o Oe…!!)

Pursue Oto…!!

Chapter 186

The Strategy… Failed?! (作戦…失敗!?, Sakusen… Shippai!?)

The Strategy… Failed?!

Chapter 187

Begging for One's Life…!! (命乞い…!!, Inochigoi…!!)

Begging for One's Life…!!

Chapter 188

The Shinobi of Konohagakure…!! (木ノ葉隠れの忍…!!, Konohagakure no Shinobi)

The Shinobi of Konohagakure…!!

Chapter 189

The Power of Faith…!! (信じる力…!!, Shinjiru Chikara…!!)

The Power of Faith…!!

Chapter 190

Unforgivable!! (許せない!!, Yurusenai!!)


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