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Tsukiko Kagetsu
花月月子 Kagetsu Tsukiko
Anime Naruto Episode #186
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Female Female
  • Medicinal Herb Saleswomen

Tsukiko Kagetsu (花月月子, Kagetsu Tsukiko) is the daughter of Tōbei Kagetsu.

Background Edit

She had left the Kagetsu Family residence five years before the funeral.

Personality Edit

At the beginning she was very greedy and only returned to her clan when she thought she could get a portion of her father's money because of his fake death. At the end of the funeral ceremony when Tōbei revealed that he faked his death so that his kids could find humour in life, she understood and found her humorous side.

Appearance Edit

Tsukiko has oddly shaped purple-coloured hair and bluish eyes along with red lip stick.

Part I Edit

Funeral Proxy Mission Edit

She returned to the residence when her father, Tōbei Kagetsu, supposedly died. His will specified she could inherit a portion of his fortune if her older brother, Fūta Kagetsu, was to laugh during there father's funeral. She and her fellow clan members did their best to make him laugh. She was shocked when Tōbei revealed he was alive and faked the whole thing. When he stated he wanted them to not focus on money and enjoy life again, she once again could find some humour in life.

Trivia Edit

  • The "tsuki" in Tsukiko's name means "month" and the "ko" means "child".

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