Tsuchigumo Clan

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Tsuchigumo Clan

Tsuchigumo Symbol

(土蜘蛛一族, Tsuchigumo Ichizoku)

Appears in Anime only
Known Members


The Tsuchigumo clan (土蜘蛛一族, Tsuchigumo Ichizoku) is a clan that formed a pact with the Third Hokage during the Third Shinobi World War. The clan's leader at that time, En no Gyōja, developed a technique that could wipe out an entire village. By terms of the pact with the Third Hokage, En no Gyōja declared the technique to be forbidden, in exchange for protection provided by Konoha in times of need.

Tsuchigumo Village

The Tsuchigumo clan's hidden village.

The clan has a small fort on Mount Katsuragi that is surrounded by a barrier, and a field with many h

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