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True: Chibaku Tensei
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Kanji 真・地爆天星
Rōmaji Shin: Chibaku Tensei
Literal English True: Heavenly Body Bursting from the Earth
English anime True Planetary Devastation
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Appears in Anime
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Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
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Derived jutsu
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The user claps both hands together, forming a black sphere between them, and launches it. The black sphere will then expand and encase a large area. Upon which, it draws in a large quantity of the earth around, effectively creating a "moon" that hovers high in the sky with the consumed area inside. Slowly after, the structure will begin compressing itself, crushing everything within. The structure is very powerful as even an Eight Gates-enhanced attack could barely scathe its surfaces. By performing a Snake handseal, the technique can be released, safely returning the entrapped area back to its proper location.


  • A version of Nagato within Jiraiya's novel within Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream performed this technique.
  • As shown when Nagato also performed the standard Chibaku Tensei next to it, this variation is vastly larger in comparison.

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