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Kiri's Father
斗風 Tofu
Anime Boruto Episode #41
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Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased

Tofu (斗風, Tofu) was the village head of Green Banks and also was the father of Kiri.


While the village head, he eventually had a single child in Kiri. His efforts would regularly protect the village from attacks and likewise lead them to prosperity. Eventually he oversaw the building of a bridge that would bring better business. Sometime later, Iori poisoned Tofu as part of a plan to acquire the bridge's deed for the Pale Blue Village, leading to Tofu's daughter taking her father's place as village head.


Tofu was a very selfless and loving man. Similar to the ideals of the Hokage, Tofu saw all of his village and its people as his family. He worked earnestly to protect all, fighting off all would-be attackers and keeping up moral and peace within the village. His efforts earned him the adoration of his people and especially his daughter. He was shown to be a very joyful man, regularly competing in friendly competitions with the villagers. At the same time, while acting as the foundation for his people, Tofu was very humble and wise in his methods. He would regularly ask for the opinions of the villagers so as to not act hastily.


Tofu was a tall man of large built and light complexion. He had bushy eyebrows and spiky black hair that he wore in a ponytail and also long sideburns. He wore a light blue shirt with a green vest with yellow stripes over it and dark blue pants. He also wore brown wrist-warmers.


Tofu was a very effective leader, as the entire village had complete faith and respect for him. Economically, he was able to develop and oversee the development of a bridge for better business. He was also a rather strong battler, as he would often singlehandedly defeat attacks on the village. He was also very strong as he constantly won arm-wrestling competitions.


  • Tofu (豆腐) means "bean curd".