To Each His Own Path

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"To Each His Own Path"
To Each His Own Path
(それぞれの道, Sorezore no Michi)
Episode data
Previous "Memory of Flames"
Episode Naruto #212
Next "Vanished Memories"
Arc Gantetsu Escort Mission
Japanese December 7, 2006
English November 7, 2009
"To Each His Own Path" (それぞれの道, Sorezore no Michi) is episode 212 of the original Naruto anime.


Naruto, Todoroki and Gantetsu enter the Ninja Dropout mansion, leaving Sakura to care for the children and Lee to fight off the Ninja Dropout members outside. While Gantetsu and Todoroki go to rescue Akio, Naruto fights the leader, Shura and defeats him. The mansion catches fire in the fight, and Gantetsu saves Akio before escaping with him and Todoroki. Todoroki is still unable to forgive Gantetsu, but allows him to stay with the children by falsely reporting that he had died in the midst of battle with the Shinobazu.

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